Soft focus
 Guerlain 2007 Spring Collection is based on the natural elegance and refinement and includes means pink shades, texture resembling satin, suede and chiffon.

The collection, which includes products for eyes, lips and cheeks, is a new model of Guerlain - Julia Stegner (Julia Stegner).

Guerlain lip gloss shades added ten KissKiss, available in three textures - pearls petal and gloss - and five new shades KissKiss Maxi Shine, including pure radiance and glow lychee.

For eye color was chosen two directions. Eye shadows Touche de Naturel available in pink and milky chocolate shades and Touche de Lilas include shades of violet, lilac and eggplant. In addition, presents new eye shadow Radiant Colour Single, executed in shades of gold and pure blue.

Lips Guerlain chose two soft shades - pink and beige.