Teeth Whitening Kits
 Using some teeth whitening kits can cause the appearance of chemical burns and painful sores in the mouth, dentists warn.

According to experts BACD (British Academy of dental cosmetology), at the moment there are two main ways to whiten teeth. The first is to use a special denture (fits over the teeth at night) with the use of gel recommended by your doctor. The procedure lasts for 7-10 nights.

  Patients may also choose laser force or bleaching, wherein the more concentrated the gel is applied directly to the teeth and its effect by light or enhanced temperatures.

  But BACD warns that "do it yourself" -set can cause irreversible damage. Some kits purchased abroad or online, too strong and contain acids and abrasives that can damage your teeth.

  Member BACD, James Gulnik doctor, says: "The methods are based on the use of whitening hydrogen peroxide; hundreds of systems differ only in the concentration of the substance and the method of exposure to the teeth. But not all of them are safe and, first of all, before using them be sure to consult with your doctor. "