The power of fragrance
 Perfume House Quest said that the secret of the relationship of man with fragrances open. New research companies led to believe that some reactions to fragrance are acquired, and depend on the cultural traditions of the society in which you grew up, while other "sewn" into the human brain and do not depend on the origin and generation.

Touch Quest studies show that the smell is a powerful tool for human exposure, it can, for example, to raise the mood (although, of course, it depends on the individual's sense of smell). "The findings are very promising," says Quest. "That understanding of smell, which we have owned up to now, been based on the traditions of aromatherapy. Now the effect of aromas becomes evident by the fragrance manufacturer can communicate with the buyer and the buyer to manage their feelings and emotions, thanks to the perfume that he chooses. "

  The research project Churchill Anne (Anne Churchill) and John Bean (John Behan) used a variety of materials ranging from market research to research, they were also used its own work Quest: map moods and moody portraits.