Wrinkle cream recipe, which is used by the stars.
 Paul Nyen (Paul Nienast) - owner of the Institute of Beauty in a chic quarter of Dallas 2603 Oaklawn Avenue. (In this institution uses only natural products!)

To remove or reduce wrinkles, the cream should use morning and night for several weeks.

Recipe: take 2 lemon slices and put them in a wooden bowl (this is very important because the lemon must not touch the plastic, even less metal); If skin is oily, use 4 slices of lemon; if the skin is very dry, take only 1 slice of lemon and double the quantity of cream, milk.

Prepare the cream of the milk in the ratio: half cream, half milk, which just warmed in a saucepan; then add the milk and cream in a bowl with lemon, and give it brew for 3 hours; to rub the cream into the skin with circular movements of the fingers for a few minutes, giving dry, then remove with the help of bath gloves, moistened with water, which is necessary to drip 2-3 drops of olive oil.