Acne: a component in cosmetics to choose?
 Acne, or acne - not just a problem teenage skin. Often these difficulties and move into adulthood. Acne is very difficult to treat, and often, choosing the wrong products for skin care, the problem is only getting worse. Therefore, it is important to choose the "right" foods. The two most frequently used ingredient such means benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. What is the difference between them and it is better to choose?

Benzoyl peroxide
Most of the funds from acne, which can be bought in a broad sell contain this component. The essence of his actions - exfoliation: it exfoliates the skin, helps get rid of dead cells on the skin surface dirt and sebum that clog pores and thereby cause an inflammation of the follicle. Benzoyl peroxide is able to penetrate deeply into the pores, and not only cleans them, but also acts on the bacteria (destroy them) that cause acne. In contrast to antibiotics, resistance to bacteria against acne benzoyl peroxide minimal.

Benzoyl peroxide can be used in vehicles of up to 10%. However, scientific studies have shown that 2, 5% concentration are not only effective, but also less irritating. If you plan to start using benzoyl peroxide, choose products that contain only a small amount of this ingredient in the beginning. You can always choose products with higher concentrations in the future, if the bacteria on the skin will behave especially hard.

In addition, when you first start using benzoyl peroxide, you may experience irritation and dryness. These symptoms usually disappear within a couple of weeks, this time the skin is necessary to adapt to this strong antiseptic. For this reason, we recommend that you use only products with benzoyl peroxide in a day from the start. If a couple of weeks your skin will feel dry and irritated or you feel itching, peeling, burning, or swelling, you should not use this product immediately.

Salicylic acid
If you have sensitive skin that does not tolerate benzoyl peroxide, the salicylic acid may be the best option for you. Salicylic acid, BHA (beta hydroxy acid), usually obtained from willow bark. Like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid - a good exfoliating agent: it has the ability to penetrate into the pores, peel them from the inside, to remove dirt, sebum and dead skin cells that cause inflammation. As a result, significantly reduced acne.

In products intended for the treatment of acne, salicylic acid is used in a concentration of 0 5% to 2%. While this component is somewhat milder than benzoyl peroxide, it can also cause dryness and slight irritation. In this case, use the product less frequently, and if irritation persists, discontinue use.

What is the conclusion?
So what to choose? - You ask. After all, as it turns out, the two components are peeling agents are nearly identical to the skin.

The first ingredient (benzoyl peroxide) has to all other antiseptic properties, which, however, can and more annoying.

The ingredients of a good "work" in cases of mild to moderate acne. The fact is also that you can have a personal intolerance of some ingredients, so you can base your choice in this case only on personal feelings, because in general, these ingredients are the same.

Who has more sensitive skin, most likely, is advised to choose a salicylic acid.

Author: Julia Gnedina