How to prevent ingrown hairs after shaving
 Ingrown hair - a problem are equally familiar to both men and women. This is often unpleasant, sometimes painfully, especially in sensitive areas such as the bikini. Do you know how to avoid it?

There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

- It may be when shaving hair was too drawn, then cutting, it began to grow into the skin, which also contributes to the sharp end of the hair, resulting in shaving.
- Another reason - it's too many dead cells that surrounds the hair, it makes the hair grow to the side.
- People with curly hair, this problem occurs more often.

Question: how to prevent ingrown hairs?

1. When shaving hairs somehow twisted and stretched, so you can try to replace the shaving to waxing, for example.

2. But if you choose to shave - be sure to exfoliate your skin before shaving. Follicles are not clogged, the hair will grow exactly perpendicular to the skin.

3. Choose the exfoliating scrubs containing beta-hydro-acid (salicylic acid), since they act deep within the pores eliminating the accumulation of dead cells around the follicle.

4. As an alternative to scrub if they irritate your skin, exfoliate the skin washcloth.

5. If possible, wear clothing that is not in contact with the places where they often grow hair, especially in the bikini area. This will reduce the irritation and accumulation of dead skin particles.

Author: Julia Gnedina