Lena Lenina told how to hide tummy
 Fashion writer and owner of web manicure studio Lena Lenina divided stylistic secrets correction rounded.

Lena Lenina:   "You have overeaten or proud to call mom giving birth? Do not worry, do not get hung up on the tummy. There are many ways without straining yourself diets, to be sexually attractive and at the same time divert attention from the visual style of clothing tummy. Especially because there are ladies, even among the stars who make your stomach for what it is and are confident in its bright future. Beyonce, for example, has not only tummy, but also steep hip and a considerable part of the loin, but that does not prevent it from being a superstar. And Shakira and even dance a round belly made its market advantage. Well, Jennifer Lopez is not only prominent buttocks, but also a noticeable belly that does not prevent it to be a success in the young nice guy.

But if you still want to hide your tummy, then there are plenty of tricks. for example , Prefer loose and straight at the waist clothes and you will not only divert attention from the stomach, but will gestures and manners much more confident and relaxed.

Second method   visual combat belly - a model dresses and jackets in the form of a trapezoid, which will emphasize your breasts, not the stomach oblegaya. Neckline perfectly allow to distract attention from the roundness at the waist. Especially in profile.

The Third Secret   camouflage the tummy - the right choice of color. It is necessary to give preference to dark tones, black, dark gray, protective, dark blue and garnet color. The main thing is never wear more than 3 colors in one image to visually plump.

The fourth method   combating erotic bulge - the right choice of fabric. And it is only one - is thin flowing materials. And it is important to visually create a vertical line down the center silhouette fashions from the folds of thin tissue that detracts not only from excess stomach, but full hips or broad chest.

Fifth secret   - Special conceals accessories. First and foremost, tights dense sculpting belly on horseback. All the colors and any density. Beige can be worn even in spring and autumn thin silk dresses. Another important accessory for combat belly is considered to be a belt that makes the waist thinner and diverts attention from the round, especially when the slightly weakened, he falls asymmetrically on one side.

Six Secrets   not about what you want to select, and about what should be avoided. And you must avoid short jackets and jacket, multi-layered clothing at waist level, T-shirts with the logo of a large, very large and flashy patterns on fabrics and heavy fabrics like denim or leather. But long jacket unbuttoned - the most effective way to combat the aesthetic and the stomach, hips and the bulge. And that does not look like a grandmother in a jacket, wear it better with high heels. Excellent work in antizhivotnom mode as long and airy tunics, skirts and wide spacious. But if you're not willing to give up chocolate Chokodelika and do not know who to buy slimming herb from the Argo, and even share the belief of men that tummy - it's very sexy, you wear straight narrow skirt and falls in love with himself passers to your health! "

 Lena Lenina told how to hide tummy

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova