Napkins for removing make-up 3-in-1 beautycycle ™: perfect clean skin in one motion!
 The company Amway and cosmetics brand beautycycle ™ presents a new triple action - Napkins for removing make-up 3-to-1. They are not only easily and quickly remove even the most resistant make-up, but also effectively moisturize and improve skin condition. It is ideal not only for home but also for the road!

Applying makeup - is an art, which allows you to create a harmonious way, to emphasize our advantages and to correct deficiencies. We all pay a lot of time and attention to this process, following the fashion trends, choosing the make-up to a specific occasion, season, wardrobe ... However, in the pursuit of beauty should not forget about the need proper makeup remover!

Removing make-up only at first glance it seems the process is not as important. In fact, literate demakijazh - a guarantee of health, youth and beauty of your skin. Cleansing the skin from cosmetic products should be properly selected to perform delicate care products that allow the skin not only look great, but also to "breathe."

Latest Napkins for removing make-up 3 in 1 beautycycle ™   to help cope with this task. They are easily and quickly remove even waterproof makeup, perfectly moisturize and refresh your skin.

 Napkins for removing make-up 3-in-1 beautycycle ™: perfect clean skin in one motion!

Main characteristics:

- Effectively and gently cleanse the skin, including the area around the eyes and the skin of the neck.
- Remove make-up, including waterproof mascara.
- Care for the skin, leaving a feeling of freshness and softness.
- Does not require rinsing.
- Due to the soft tissue composition can be used for sensitive skin.
- Safety confirmed by ophthalmological and dermatological supervision.

Napkins for removing make-up 3 in 1 beautycycle ™ will become your indispensable companion for any journey. They are extremely easy to use and easy to fit in any bag.
Recommended retail price: 477 rubles.

 Napkins for removing make-up 3-in-1 beautycycle ™: perfect clean skin in one motion!
 "For me, good and delicate skin cleansing - the most important stage of care. Our life is full of events, travel and work, and very often there are situations when the usual arsenal of means is not at hand. Besides, it is not always easy to carry several care products. For me, Cleansing Wipes - irreplaceable thing, which is always with you. After shooting, esters and important events, I always remove makeup to skin a rest. Moreover, the evening before the best way to improve the color and texture of the face - is to remove the layer of powder daily or foundation, moisturize and refresh your skin tone and apply or re-icing. This works best masks and thermal water. Refreshing Wipes are suitable for this perfectly - in a moment they cleanse and refresh skin.

Also, it is an indispensable tool in the road. I always remove makeup on the plane and moisturizes the skin, because the air in planes and trains is very dry and merciless even to perfect skin. So you do not have to spend the whole course of recovery procedures, it suffices to use wipes. The skin will be clean, hydrated, will "breathe", and even the long journey will take place with the minimum of stress to the skin.

Cleansing wipes are indispensable on vacation. During an extended stay on the beach on the skin an unpleasant layer of sunscreen, sand and salt water. Moreover, all the known effect of "oily" skin that appears in the heat due to activation of lotions and sun sebaceous glands. And refresh the face with a damp cloth is not only extremely pleasant but also beneficial to the skin. Importantly, do not forget to put a fresh coat of sunscreen. "

Tatiana Gevorkian TV presenter, journalist, actress

Author: Julia Gnedina