New Hotness American housewives
 Almost every celebrity tends to release their perfume, fragrances from celebrities becoming very popular, and therefore commercially successful. But ordinary women said: "We also want! ". They heard the idea was picked up, and set up special training courses for the preparation of its flavor.

First perfumer Anne McCline (MCMC Fragrances) gathered a small group training in the art of perfumery which lasted about 9 months. Then these classes have become more affordable, and now students perfumer hold their own classes for all comers.

One of these schools was very interesting sequel. Lena Corwin organized a 4-hour course in which each female listener can create his own fragrance. During the study 75 women learn basic perfume notes, teach them to mix and match. This interesting course provides women with all the ingredients and small brochures tutorials.

One can only envy the women who have such interesting courses close to home. And it is a pleasure from 250 to 275 dollars (the cost of the ingredients included). Maybe we will have an interesting idea? Would you go on these courses?

 New Hotness American housewives

Author: Julia Gnedina