The contest "Secrets of confidence" with Rexona on
 Confidence - the most important quality that helps to stay motivated, to overcome difficulties, to achieve the desired and act more. New competition in the social network dedicated to the theme of self-confidence, which should be developed and strengthened in order to succeed in life.

Social network Relook   not casually holds this competition with the brand Rexona, whose products have long been associated with confidence in their appearance and their abilities. Take part in our new creative competition and win a lovely set with the means Rexona!

10 winners   receive sets, each of which includes:

- Antiperspirant Rexona Men Invisible Ice
- Roller antiperspirant "Energy of your days" (50 ml)
- Spray "Energy of your day" (150 ml)
- Deodorant Stick "Energy of your days" (50 ml).

The new men's deodorant Rexona Men Invisible Ice

Rexona Men represents a novelty in the series Invisible Ice - reliable protection from the white marks on clothing and sweat, and is now in a new user-friendly format the stick. Antiperspirant protects not only with sweat, but the white marks on clothing due to the special technology "Micro-Crystal", developed by experts of the company Unilever. This technology provides an invisible protection with optimal dosage of the active ingredient, and also included in the antiperspirant composition of the oils which are optically masked particles, whereby white marks become even less visible.

 The contest "Secrets of confidence" with Rexona on

New female deodorant Rexona «Energy of your day"

Rexona is designed specifically for women, taking into account the characteristics of their active life rhythm, so important feature antiperspirants series "The energy in your day 'is the technology« Motionsence », which is activated while driving. Unique freshness microcapsules included in formula antiperspirant remain on the skin surface and is gradually degraded as a result of movement, releasing a pleasant aroma. Thus, the more you move, the greater will be your protection from the smell and feeling of freshness will accompany you throughout the day.

 The contest "Secrets of confidence" with Rexona on

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Author: Anna Shustrova