Anna Wintour - Cover Girl
 Anna Wintour - perhaps the most influential woman in fashion now, the editor in chief of American Vogue - starred in a photo shoot for the gloss. True, it's not about her journal, she graced the cover of the April WSJ (Wall Street Journal).

Finally, Anna Wintour herself as a "cover girl" (though not the first time, before she was on the cover of Business gloss). Naturally, to photograph Queen gloss should be the most famous and fashion photographer. So there is - Mario Testino, trendy and very demanded the master today, I worked with Anna.

Wintour has not withdrawn his famous black glasses, in the light of which it is watching today's fashion. It has not changed and its traditional square. Yes, this strong woman can not afford to change, even for the cover.

 Anna Wintour - Cover Girl

From Wikipedia: Anna Wintour (Eng. Anna Wintour, b. November 3, 1949, London) - the chief editor of the American edition of Vogue magazine since 1988. He is an officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Author: Julia Gnedina