Beach collection of make-up from Essence
 Brand Essence presented a bright summer collection of decorative cosmetics Down On The Beach. Blue sky, blue sea, orange-red sunsets and colorful flowers - all this has become an inspiration for summer makeup otEssence.

Is it possible to resist the summer, so as not to dive into the quaint cool lake or the sea, or in order not to run through the puddles in the warm summer rain? That is why sredstvaEssence Down On The Beach have a waterproof effect.

The collection includes:
waterproof cream shadows (Cream Eyeshadow Waterproof): 01 pearly shell, 02 and 03 viva caribbean wild orchid,
Waterproof Mascara (No Limits Waterproof Mascara): 01 black,
means for removing waterproof eye makeup (Eye Make-up Remover Waterproof),
lip gloss (Lipgloss): 01 bird of paradise and 02 wild orchid,
bronzer powder (Bronzing Powder): 01 love to be sunkissed,
Nail Polish (Nail Polish): 01 pearly shell, 02 viva caribbean, 03 bird of paradise and 04 wild orchid.

The collection will be on sale from May to June 2009.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila