Caffeine: it gives the skin?
 Caffeine - an organic compound found in coffee, tea, chocolate, some plants. Why this ingredient in our skin? Indeed, many nutritionists insist to choose non-caffeinated beverages. Maybe it is harmful to the skin?

No of course! And many have already heard. Caffeine - a very useful ingredient.

First, caffeine has antioxidant properties that protect against free radicals (and they - the main cause of aging). However, we must note the fact that caffeine can not be considered the best of their antioxidants available today.

Secondly, caffeine "work" as the agent, a skin conditioner. This means that it makes the skin supple, reduces scaling, and generally improves the appearance of the skin, especially for dry and damaged skin.

Caffeine is often included in the composition of cosmetic products, for example, to eliminate dark circles under the eyes or cellulite. But, unfortunately, there is no evidence to support the action of caffeine in these areas. Although it can be assumed that cellulite is less noticeable because the skin will be aligned due to the caffeine. However, all this will be, of course, a temporary effect.

Despite the fact that caffeine as an ingredient is very good for dry skin, yet experts say that, using cosmetics with caffeine, you still take care of additional moisture of the skin, or at least to drink enough fluids.

Author: Julia Gnedina