Gwen Stefani has revealed the secret of his toned body
 41-year-old singer became persona British Elle (April 2011 edition), and with the luxury photoshoot magazine publishes an interview with Gwen. In an interview with celebrity reporters revealed the secret of his perfect body.

"Daily struggle" - here is the recipe toned body by Gwen Stefani. It turns out that the singer is in a constant and grueling fitness. It is engaged in the gym five days a week.

Mother of two children, Gwen says really wanted to escape from the grueling schedule, but can not afford it. "Then I will not be able to put what I really like," - explains the star.

Gwen also told the publication that is make every day, and loves the classic red lipstick. She does this for her husband and not chuvstvuetkakogo a voltage that it have to be painted every day and every day to look at all 100. "But I'm always ready to go! "- Says Gwen. Stephanie was married in 2002 for the British musician Gavin Rossdale grunge style.

 Gwen Stefani has revealed the secret of his toned body

Now Gwen - a new passion: fashion. She tries herself as a fashion designer in the past month at the New York Fashion Week, the premiere of her new collection. When asked who is her model, Gwen said that the singer Rihanna wears one of her jackets.

Author: Julia Gnedina