Johnson's baby: Shampoo for kids and adults
 Every mother dreams that her pipsqueak was healthy and beautiful. Therefore, it is closely monitoring the hygiene of the baby, including his hairs. Remember, just the right child care help curls to be thick and silky.

Anna L. Karavaeva, neonatologists, junior researcher Branch newborn Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology Federal NTsAGiP them. Kulakov, a member of the expert council of Johnson's baby: "Because young children are not yet fully formed hair follicles, curls can be thin, brittle, often confused pushitsya or change color due to the unstable pigmentation. In addition, the sweat and the dust deposited on the hairs, which negatively affects their health and growth. That's why experts recommend to wash my hair every day crumbs. It is best used with the baby shampoo, designed with all the features kids skin. This means carefully and effectively cleanses, making hair soft and shiny. It is important to note that children poorly developed blink reflex, and that you were not afraid to crumbs falling foam in the eyes, you should choose the means of the formula "No more tears" .

For 120 years, experts   Johnson's baby   take care of unruly curls kid picking optimal care for them. Thus was created baby shampoo Johnson's baby , A part of which contains a moisturizing complex. The tool takes care not only for the crumbs hairs, but scalp from the first days of baby's life. In addition, the shampoo takes care of the little eyes of the child, and if you accidentally hit by the foam does not cause irritation and redness thanks to the unique formula "No more slez®" .

 Johnson s baby: Shampoo for kids and adults

Baby Shampoo Johnson's baby   It will help bring back the shine and strength of not only the baby's curls, but your hair. Choosing for remains the safest and most delicate features, you can be sure that they are suitable for the whole family. With the optimal combination of components baby shampoo Johnson's baby   return your hair softness and shine, and allow curls "rest" from adult cosmetics.

Now baby shampoo Johnson's baby   available to a new volume - 300 ml.

Estimated price (300 ml): 112 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova