New products for blondes
 Brand John Frieda has issued special means for hair care only for blondes. Shampoo and conditioner Go Blonder from John Frieda fit and natural and dyed blondes: these funds lighten hair, creating the effect of "sun kissed" on the natural, melirovannyh and dyed blond hair.

Innovative means of clarifying Go Blonder are composed of lactic acid - a natural ingredient that is capable of gradually depigmented hair structure, giving it it is absolutely natural look slightly sun-bleached. This lactic acid has no adverse effects - on the contrary, it conditions the hair, softens, smoothes and strengthens them.

Using the Go Blonder, you can lighten your hair 1-2 tones - but the result is, of course, it depends on the individual and the original shade. In general, you will see the effect after three weeks of use.

The formula is also a complex citrus and chamomile extract, moisturizes, nourishes and gives shine.

The cost of funds - 425 rubles each, went on sale in March 2010.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina