ORLY Set for super-resistant nail polish
 According to most women, 2-3 days - this is the maximum time during which a manicure can remain immaculate. Representatives brand ORLY argue that the new trio for proof manicure For Longer Lasting Manicures, varnished nails will keep the perfect look for much longer!

Trio For Longer Lasting Manicures   - "For proof manicure"   from ORLY   nails provide decent care and long life color varnish. A small dimensions make it the use of the most convenient and economical.

The set includes:

1. Covering Primetime   provide strong adhesion to the base means fingernail.

2. Bonder   become beautiful base   for applying varnish, and permanently protects it from chipping.

3. Top cover Polishield   It will quickly dry the varnish to protect it from external influences and give a glossy shine.

 ORLY Set for super-resistant nail polish

Now, not necessarily apply to the interior of the cover "Shellac", a professional manicure resistant possible and at home! Integrated care to ensure your nails look stunning and healthy.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova