Competition 'Fashion Autumn "with Lady Collection
 Autumn - it's time to update your wardrobe and experiment with style! A fine jewelry kits not only complement your stylish autumn image, but will also be a wonderful accessory for the upcoming New Year's holidays.

The well-known chain store of fashion jewelry and hair accessories Lady Collection announces the competition "Fashion Autumn". Upload pictures of their most stylish autumn image (or a trendy look make-up) and win prizes from stylists Lady Collection!

To enter the contest, publish your photo on autumn Forum   in the relevant subject from 5 October 2012 to 5 November 2012 . It is important that your photos could well see an autumn fashion make-up and (or) hairstyle.

The best works selected by the jury, which included representatives of the portal beauty stylists and brand Lady Collection. There will be selected 6 winners, who will receive a stylish jewelry sets Lady Collection


3 winners - "The choice of the stylists Lady Collection»   - Will be presented with the blue set of jewelry (bracelet and earrings).
 Competition 'Fashion Autumn "with Lady Collection

Another 3 winners - "Editor's Choice»   - Will be the happy owner of silver sets (necklace and bracelet).

 Competition 'Fashion Autumn "with Lady Collection

Thus, only be determined 6 winners .

Contest Rules:

1. Competitive publications placed by the participants themselves, from 5 October 2012 to November 5, 2012.

2.   The competition is held on Forum   In chapter Contests on myCharm   in the subject Competition 'Fashion Autumn "with Lady Collection .

To participate in the contest, to register on the forum   (if you have not previously registered) and publish their photos in the relevant subject.

3.   In the published photographs must be portrayed only user forum (person who created the account from which the publication is available). Publications containing group photos will be removed from the contest. Photo and rights of its location shall be conclusive. In the case of the earlier placement of the photos on the internet contest organizers have the right to demand proof of membership of a given picture contestants. In case of failure or evidence of implicitness photo will be removed from the competitive range.

A photograph showing one image, there may be several.

4.   The contest received photos as taken by professional photographers and amateurs, staged or shot accidentally. The contest is not allowed deliberately low quality photos are also not allowed photos that do not meet the idea of ​​competition. Controversial or reflection on the quality of the idea of ​​the contest photos participate in the competition before entering the three complaints from users of its poor quality, and then participate in the competition this picture is considered jury.

5.   Placed on the publication of the competition remain forever on the forum topic in contest "Fashion Autumn" with Lady Collection, after the competition not be deleted.

6.   All publications that do not meet the specified items are removed from the competition immediately after checking their administrator with the right of the author to replace them with others - a more suitable quality and an appropriate competition category.

7.   Upon completion of the competition jury, which included representatives of the portal, and the company's beauty Lady Collection, will select 6 winners, 3 of which will be determined edited, and 3 - by Lady Collection.

8.   Prizes are delivered by Russia. If you are the winner, but live outside Russia, you can get your prize by your loved ones, living in the territory of the Russian Federation. Term Demand prize - 6 months from the date of announcement of the results of the contest.

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Author: Anna Shustrova