Find your color of lipstick. Professional Tips
 How to find the shade that will delight, and not fall into the gifts to her younger sister? Sometimes, buying can be a complete disappointment. So we do not take into account when choosing the color of lipstick? Read tips makeup artist and owner of many famous cosmetic studio in New York Kimara Ahnert.

No matter what color you are looking for: body-beige, soft pink or deep red - first find out what your skin tone of the face. When we do not take into account the color of their own skin, then we make a big mistake, according to the master.

In addition to answering the question, what your skin tone (light, medium, tan or dark), you should still know what your color - warm or cold. Determine this quite easily. Outside the window, or look at his wrist, where the veins show through. If your veins are bluish in color, the shade of your skin - cold, and if the veins have a greenish color, the overall tone of your skin - warm.

Tips for fair skin
From beige shades for lips you will approach a light pinkish-brown and beige, they can help to brighten up pale complexion. Avoid bright pink lipstick, dark bronze, dark mocha, as they will look too serious, and even more formidable on your pale skin. If the shade of your face cool, choose the color nude, mocha or light purple. When warm skin tones look for sand or body-peach lipstick.

Tips for medium skin tones
You are very fit and plum shades of crimson lipstick, they will create a special glow to your face. Avoid shades of nude, as they are very close to the natural color of your face and just seemed to be unclear and blurred. For girls with chilly complexion advise pink, pomegranate, cranberry. For warm skin tones need bronze, copper, cinnamon.

Tips for olive skin (medium dark)
Incredibly harmoniously you look pale-brown lipstick and dark berry shades. For those who coldish skin tone, suited brick red lip and caramel brown and red hues. Avoid orange-red and pinkish-red colors of lipstick and gloss.

Tips for Dark Skin
To little visually lighten the overall tone of the skin, use a dark-red lipstick. Avoid orange shades, they will make your face is gray. If the skin tone a little coldish, choose colors: raisins, wine color, ruby ​​red. For warm skin tones recommend: honey, ginger, copper and bronze.

Tips were published in Women's Health Magazine.

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina