Professional manicure of the elite salons of Spa-house - a reality
 The American corporation CND (Creative Nail Design) leader in the care of hands and feet. Every year, a collection of professional tools of this brand new amazing updated on the action and preparations complex for skin and nails. This year is special for the brand, as the Corporation is celebrating its 30th anniversary, so the brand gives its fans a special gifts. In 2009, the CND has introduced a new system for the Spa-hand - Almond Spa Manicure. The main active component of this complex became a sweet almond, popular for its rejuvenating properties.

Particular attention in the new system means gained a unique almond milk Almond Milk Bath   manicure trays. This tool has a unique texture and oil composition, whereby the drug in contact with water it turns into a thick jelly. This tray perfectly cleanses, softens and moisturizes the skin. Soak with the drug Almond Milk Bath   It will give you a real pleasure and relaxation. Moreover, the tool has a calming scent of almond.

For the procedure, first soak your hands in warm water, then add a little oil in a bowl preparation Almond Milk Bath . And your milk bath is ready. It is worth noting that in addition to sweet almond, the drug also contains jojoba oil and vitamin E, which effectively moisturize the skin and nails. Delicate aroma of almonds in the air, creates an atmosphere of exquisite ritual.

Give your hands a golden almond Care Spa manicure by CND (Creative Nail Design).

The volume of 59 ml. The recommended price of 700 rubles.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila