The festival "Joy of Creativity" - again in Moscow!
 Festival "Joy of Art" will be held from 24 to 27 March 2011 in Moscow in the shopping center "Mall Gallery" (Signal pr-d, 17). The organizer of the festival - a hypermarket "Leonardo" - Russia's first retail chain of the most common products for creativity and different kinds of hand crafts.

In 2010, the festival was held in Moscow, Kazan, Tolyatti, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar. Thanks to the information support of TV, radio, print and Internet - publications, festivals attended by more than 25 000 people over the past year.

The main purpose of the festival - to inspire new ideas, encourage and teach those who have long wanted to express themselves in art. All visitors will meet with those who develops, manufactures and skillfully uses the goods for decoration, embroidery, knitting, beading, painting, painting on glass and fabric design cards and more. Everyone will be able to ask questions and try the products in their own hands. Traditionally, all guests of the Festival will have a unique opportunity to visit the free workshops and presentations, which will be carried out by professionals, as well as to see the artworks - paintings, murals, decorative items, handmade using modern and innovative technologies.

As always, a lot of attention at the Festival will be given to children. Exciting creative activities will be organized for preschool age children and students who can take part in modeling, drawing, folded, origami, applique. Those who are older, interested in shows assembly of wooden and paper models, coloring by numbers, engraving, modeling. Mom and dad will see a lot of useful, interesting and developing for their babies. Each parent will be able to find a ready-made solution for needlework for leisure activities of their child.

All the work the guys who took an active part in the contest of children's drawings "My Winter's Tale" will be issued at the exhibition stand. The best participants will be awarded and rewarded with gift certificates "Leonardo".

  "Try it and you will succeed! "   - Is the motto of the festival "Joy of Creativity".

Please note, a visit to the festival and participate - for free.

For more information about the participants and the program of the workshops can be found at

The Organizing Committee
Phone: (495) 784-77-88 (ext 337, 332)

 The festival "Joy of Creativity" - again in Moscow!

Author: Marina Tumovskaya