Tights in the style of Indian trousers
 Austrian brand Wolford distinguishes not only the highest quality lingerie and stockings, each season the brand surprised unusual designs, new kinds of clothes. Suffice it to recall that one of the first Wolford pantyhose offered for men or pantyhose without crotch. And now - pantyhose with fringe, taken from the national Indian clothes.

This masterpiece is $ 425 (the high price - is also a distinctive feature of the models from Wolford, tights for $ 100 - this is the norm).

This model has a multi-layered fringe to match the color of the tights. Women in these tights can look forward to a very effective yield better in the wind (to show the beauty of the model), or at least turns. Probably it looks great in the dance.

I wonder just what the silhouette with plans in general? Rather, the best solution - to use pantyhose as leggings with a tunic or sweater-dress. And how you like the idea of ​​tights?

 Tights in the style of Indian trousers

Author: myCharm: Julia Gnedina