Tomato shower gel? Yes!
 One morning when I went out to the veranda, I happened to feel the seductive aroma of my neighbor, who was watering some plants longer in your cozy little garden in the backyard. I'm not sure, but at a distance they looked like a big leafy bush tomato. I immediately remembered his attempt to grow tomatoes.

The first year the subject of my desires were cherry tomatoes, which are, like, it was a lot, but none of them are worthy of praise, next year I tried to go to large varieties that are simply suppressed my garden with their huge stems and broad leaves, in addition They attracted a flock rather strange (and quite large) caterpillars yutivshihsya in their dark shades and makes me sick every time I tried to gather tomatoes. Again, for unknown reasons, the fruit obtained loose, and the skin is too tough, so this year I decided that the most likely my climatic conditions are not the most suitable for the cultivation of tomatoes.

Suddenly the delight of juicy ripe tomatoes found another way to appear - in the form of shower gel Roger & Gallet's Cherry Tomato Bath & Shower Gel .  For sale, I saw this little bottle early summer and enthusiastically discovered that it is a rare pleasure .  Gel opens with notes of fresh juicy red tomatoes, the flavor that you get from a delicious sauce bubbling from the oven, but without the addition of sharp garlic, oregano or basil, which would also be appropriate to expect .  From the standpoint of unforeseen chord, the gel offers a bouquet of powdery hint of old-fashioned rose .  The combination of juicy tomato, a little bitter leaves of tomato and flirtatious chords that suddenly rose carries a pleasant aroma to the so-called vegetarian varieties .  It's not all what I expected from him, but noticed a smile on his face during use .  It gently cleanses, foams well and leaves a pleasant scented veil on the skin after washing, which evaporates in a few hours .  Of course, I do not use them every day, but in the warm days, and when the soul wants something of the same light, and perfume brand is not appropriate, it is the perfect option .

Author: Ann, New York