Beautician Tips: Skin Care in summer
 Summer sun's rays give our skin a welcome warmth, which she lacked winter. Under their influence, we relax and strive to reduce both makeup and care for our skin to a minimum.

Alexander Gaunt, dermatologist-cosmetician, a specialist in anti-age-medicine, expert in cosmetics for skin care ARTISTRY, is confident: "You stayed in the summer in the city or going away on holiday - in any case, your skin requires careful maintenance. Keeping a clear order of steps skin care day and night, taking into account all the peculiarities of the summer season, you will support the health and beauty of your skin, and in the fall - will rejoice your reflection in the mirror. "

In this article, expert answers to basic questions about how to preserve the beauty and health of the skin during the hot summer.

Gloss and dehydration

Heat promotes active blood circulation of the skin and enlarged pores. This leads to the fact that the sebaceous glands start to work harder, sebum becomes more fluid, and oily skin is enhanced . As a result - summer face shines much more than at other times of the year. Also fatty mantle is a breeding ground for microorganisms, which can cause the appearance of inflammation.

In the summer of notes and strong dehydration of the skin . Under the action of wind and heat the evaporation of moisture from the skin surface, particularly if a person consumes little water and incorrectly skin care.

But the main problem remains the pigmentation of the skin in the summer. Melanocytes (skin cells that produce the pigment melanin, which protects us from solar radiation) subjected to the enhanced stimulation sunlight. Metabolic disorders and improper skin care age spots will not keep you waiting.

What to look for

The priority becomes competent cleansing and toning. A person acquires a well-groomed appearance only when residues and excess sebum removed. If you have a tendency to fat and inflammation of the skin, should be preferred soapy cleaning agents - foaming mousse, foams, gels. It is easy to choose the texture moisturizer - emulsion or light moisturizing lotion, be sure to factor in the protection from aggressive sunlight.

Going on a vacation, put it in a suitcase and special tools for skin care needed during this period: a hydrating mask or reducing serum, sunscreen and means with aloe and menthol for gentle skin care after an active sun.

Even tone inside

Take care of creating an even skin tone by means of care, you can abandon the use of tonal resources to fall. Remember that the main obstacle to the creation of a perfect tone may be dark spots, so you should especially pay attention to this phenomenon.

It is important to take preventive measures in order to melanin is not deposited in the deeper layers of skin, because some types of pigment spots can not be removed. In summer purse must take its place means to care for skin with high SPF (30-50).

But if pigmented spots have already appeared, at home they can be made inconspicuous using lightening serums and corrective action means point. The special tools for skin tone smoothing components are added which have a lightening effect by splitting existing melanin or blocking the enzyme tyrosinase, which prevents the deposition of new melanin.

For example, try a collection of ARTISTRY IDEAL RADIANCE. The innovative 3D-technology in conjunction with a complex of plant extracts helps reduce age spots and prevents their appearance, providing antioxidant protection, moisturizing and softening in the three layers of the skin.

 Beautician Tips: Skin Care in summer

Author: Anna Shustrova