At the competition "Mrs Universe" will present Russia Ekaterina Plotka
 Charming Russian woman and founder of the charity fund «Red Nose» Catherine Plotka represent Russia at the international competition "Mrs Universe". The finals will August 29 in the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur. Aside from Catherine will fight for the title is even more beautiful 40 representatives from different countries.

The contest "Mrs Universe" is one of the most famous beauty pageants for married women and is characterized by a pronounced social orientation. In addition to good looks and charisma in the requirements for pretenders: an active life position, social activities and extraordinary intelligence.

Inga Goncharova, national director of Mrs Universe contest in Russia, the model, the founder of the Foundation "World of Good" commented Catherine Plotka choice for the role of ambassador to Russia: "I have had the important mission - to be the national director of competition" Mrs Universe "in Russia. Important criteria for the competition: social activity, charitable activity and, of course, beauty. This beauty should not be an external, artificial, created with the help of a good doctor, and the beauty of the heart, which can not be bought for any money. So, such a person is found! Catherine Plotka, founder of the charity fund «Red Nose», sensitive, kind and handsome man - ideal for the necessary requirements, and, I am sure, will represent Russia at the international final on August 29 in Kuala Lumpur! ".

"It's a great honor and responsibility that the contest organizers chose me among many worthy - says Ekaterina Plotka - For me this is not just a competition, but a unique opportunity to show the world that beauty is not only the outside that is important and should be given and help! I want to tell the competition to our favorite charity fund «Red nose», and I'm sure it will give a huge impetus to the development. "

Plotka Catherine was born in Tula, in an ordinary family, but in 10 years, left a full orphan and faced with all the difficulties of adult life. From early youth Katya tried to help those in trouble, sheltered home stray dogs and cats, wanted ever to create your own charitable foundation.

The dream became reality when Catherine moved to Moscow and met her future husband Dmitry Plotka - true love, colleagues and associates. At the wedding of Katy and the presentation of Dima Fund «Red Nose», and all the money donated to the wedding, became the first contribution to the fund.

Fund «Red Nose» deals with children with neurological diseases. During the two years of existence, the fund assisted 24 children who are on constant care, held shares is an active development. Member of the Foundation Council is a singer Sati Casanova, supported by the Foundation in all endeavors. On the «Red Nose» make friends, and participate in various events, many well-known personalities: Tatyana Lazareva, Vlad Lisovets Love Tolkalina, Viktor Chaika, Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Andrew Chadov, Ljubasha Andrei Maximov, Alice Tolkachev and celebrities - such as Ennio Morricone David Proulx, and many others.

The Foundation organizes many social projects, children's events and festivals, cooperating at the Taganka Theater, where brings children with cerebral palsy in the children's performances, and other organizations.

The family of Katya and Dima Plotka growing son Dan, his year. With his parents, he is living an active full life, traveling virtually from birth.

Catherine professionally engaged in photography, is interested in fitness, yoga, she is a vegetarian and an active member of the eco-movement. Katya - a man with a good heart, endless optimist, constant source of joy and an example to follow, it charges surrounding the ideas of a healthy lifestyle, family values ​​and total love.

 At the competition "Mrs Universe" will present Russia Ekaterina Plotka

Author: Anna Shustrova