Gwyneth Paltrow recommends laser rejuvenation
 41-year-old actress - an active supporter of all natural and organic. And denies plastic surgery. But it turns out, glowing skin at this age is given only by a salon procedures.

Elle magazine Gwyneth admitted that goes to facial treatments quite often - every few weeks. Among the favorite services: peeling, microdermabrasion and laser.

And for publication Hello! He confirmed that it is a fan of a pretty painful procedure - Laser Thermage. "This non-invasive method, but it is very painful - says Paltrow. - Feelings in the face, like a rubber band on it hit. "

However, the actress is ready to go to such torment. Still would! After all, the result is striking: it is toned face skin is smoothed, sealed the lower layers of the skin. The aim of the procedure is to work it in the lower layers of skin, stimulating the growth of collagen deep in the skin.

It remains to know how much is the "star" treatment. Laser Thermage costs Gwyneth expensive. Treatment of persons in full - it is 3900 pounds, half of the face - 2900, and only the eyes - 1900 pounds.

Author: Julia Gnedina