Innovation from Schauma: flower nectar hair
 In the summer of 2014 Schwarzkopf is the first line of funds with floral nectar for dry, weak and damaged hair Schauma flower nectar. Nectar and Nectar Shampoo balm intensive care for hair, feed them from the inside and not aggravate.

Nectar - the concentration of the life force of plants. Flower nectar is composed of water, minerals, sugars, vitamins and essential oils, which we can hear the wonderful floral aromas. In cosmetology flower nectar is used for a long time, but only now it has become trendy ingredient in the composition of hair.

Aside from flower nectar, the formula is enriched with new tools Schauma intensive caring protein that restores hair structure. Thanks to this integrated approach means Schauma line Flower Nectar deeply nourish the hair and give a sense of exceptional softness.

Shampoo Schauma flower nectar   nourishes the hair from the inside, even coping with severe injuries. Thanks to him, the hair is soft and manicured to the tips. Light texture and a special flower nectar in the composition of the shampoo allows a means of easily and completely washed away, leaving the hair sensual floral fragrance.

Estimated price: 100 rubles.

 Innovation from Schauma: flower nectar hair

Balm Schauma flower nectar   the same nutrient as nectar itself intensive care of hair and does not weigh them, deeply nourishes and up to three times better than combing. After using Nectar-balm on the hair for a long time remains light and fresh floral fragrance.

Estimated price: 75 rbl.

 Innovation from Schauma: flower nectar hair

Available from July 2014

Author: Anna Shustrova