MAC and Brooke Shields will present a joint collection
 MAC and Brooke Shields issued a joint collection of cosmetics, which will include 14 make-up, including 15 color palettes of shadows. Collection has MAC & Brooke Shields will go on sale in October 2014 exclusively in a corner from the MAC in TSUM and DLT.

Brooke Shields answers questions about the new partnership:

Why did you choose M • A • C to create their makeup collections?

I am a fan of M • A • C Cosmetics for many years. I love the collections of the brand, and I like their images, M • A • C - very funny brand. For me it was a completely new experience in my career, I was not just a model or person collection. The M • A • C, I was asked to show his vision of makeup products and shades, and wanted it to be exactly my collection. I was involved in every step of the creation of the collection.

Tell us about your inspiration to create a collection?

To work on a collection, I created a huge book of his inspiration from the clippings of newspapers and magazines, small drawings and sketches, c photos of various images of women of the past decades and the palette of colors and shades. My book is consisted of two polar opposite sentiment perfectly makeup: a more clean and fresh, while others are more sultry and dramatic. It can also be seen in my collection, we can say double: a bright palette of natural shades blend with a rich, sexy color.

 MAC and Brooke Shields will present a joint collection

Author: Anna Shustrova