The new shower gel from Nivea Men
 Especially for men who need cleansing "without compromise" NIVEA MEN experts have developed a new product - Shower Gel Ultra Cleansing, which gives the skin clean as soap after use, thus without drying it, and a light masculine scent of ozone gives an exceptional freshness.

How it works:

The active formula of new Ultra Cleansing Gel   from NIVEA MEN   It contains surfactants that are identical to those contained in the soap. The gel acts effectively in two ways - deep cleans the skin from sweat and dirt and neutralize odors, giving the body scent of freshness. This pH-balanced gel formula has a caring properties inherent in all products NIVEA .


lasting feeling of cleanliness. It cleans like soap, moisturizing as a shower gel. Try to really deep cleansing!

 The new shower gel from Nivea Men

Recommended price: 120 rubles. (250 ml)

Author: Anna Shustrova