Blake Lively is now the site is "about life"
 Website Blake Lively is already working. Critics confused design, but the name of the portal Preserve (in the translation of this "reserve") has intrigued many.

Design named very similar to an advertising website horror film in 2005.

 Blake Lively is now the site is "about life"

A little more details about the launch of the site. Previously announced that the portal will be open to visitors on July 23 but he has already appeared on the network, and 2 days earlier.

What will be on the site? It Lifestyle-project, which will be read a letter from Blake, recipes and tips, see the video from the shooting of actress and model, to receive information about charitable projects. However, in his letter to the editor debut Lively admits: "I'm not an editor, not a master, and no expert. And, of course, I will not dictate what you wear and what to eat ... but everyone can of something to tell, and this idea of ​​the site Preserve ».

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Author: Julia Gnedina