Festival "Creativity Without Borders" - "City of Masters"
 From 17 to 20 July 2014. continue its work festival "Creativity without borders" and open the second week of the thematic exhibition "City of masters", dedicated to the crafts and creativity in general. These days will be a real treat for the whole family.

The event will operate a permanent exhibition and sale of works of authorship and products for art and hobby. Much attention will be paid to the master-classes for the whole family, which will be able to participate even men.

And will continue to work charity events: "Give your child a great world" in support of the Fund and Xenia Alferov Yegor Beroeva and action "Shokoban" in support of a specialized rehabilitation center "Adele."

 Festival "Creativity Without Borders" - "City of Masters"

The program of events:

1. All workshops by Elena Smirnova of felting realistic animals.

 Festival "Creativity Without Borders" - "City of Masters"
  Festival "Creativity Without Borders" - "City of Masters"

2. Presentation master classes by Anastasia Danilova of scrapbooking: "Fashion hobby modern woman - scrapbooking. What is it? "And gofrokvillingu" Gofrokvilling - develop imagination and creative thinking in children. "

 Festival "Creativity Without Borders" - "City of Masters"

3. Presentation of the book on needlework and creativity from the publishing house "Peter" - an overview of new products.

 Festival "Creativity Without Borders" - "City of Masters"
  Festival "Creativity Without Borders" - "City of Masters"

4. Bases and secrets of beadwork from the gallery, "Zoe."

5. Workshops for the implementation of natural vegetable carved ornament from the center of the leading masters of the author of woodcarving "Tatyanka" Shamil Sasykova.

6. The most interesting and important in the master classes of the author's jewelery from Alice Muravyova.

 Festival "Creativity Without Borders" - "City of Masters"

7. The unique technology of making things from vinyl records from designer Barsukova Svetlana. And "Endless denim", "Alteration of clothing without needle and thread", "Gift Wrapping".

8. Workshops on creative recycling in the pens, notepads, organizers of the printing house "idea print."

9. The "Animoptikum" Fedor Mikhailov invites to workshops on optical toys and animated attractions. Everyone will be able not only to see in action a copy of the old device, but also to master the principles seen in practice.

10. Crafts Lab will help you to realize your creative ideas in the master classes under the slogan "Knitting? Elementary! ". Learn to knit on extremely large spokes.

And much more...

It offers a no less interesting competitive and entertaining program with valuable gifts and prizes.

Exhibition schedule:

17 to 20 July
  - From 12:00 to 20:00

Free admission.

Our contacts:

Tel .: 8-916-291-88-71

E-mail: atmosferatvorchestva@gmail.com

Come, let's create!

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova