Glass weight loss
 Scientists have found: the cause of obesity in women may be drinking alcohol.

Experts estimate that in the "pours" friendly party for women, puts a lot of effort to lose weight .  Carefully counting calories entering the body of the products, often owner extra kilos do not take into account the alcoholic beverages that also have the energy value .  It turns out that they can negate all attempts to find a slim figure .  So, regular (3-4 times a week) use of a pair of glasses of wine in the company of friends or colleagues for a year can add up to a woman 12 kg of excess weight! At the same time, few associates low efficiency of different diets with alcohol .  In an effort to achieve the desired harmony, women supplement the diet of sports activities are recorded in clubs .  However, the result is still not happy .  The fact that, according to studies, only a glass of wine for 9 hours before or after exercise slows "burning" body fat by more than 75% .  This is due to the physiological characteristics of the female organism .  The water content of the female body is usually lower than in men, and therefore, dehydration caused by alcohol is faster .  And the same amount of alcohol a woman will bring more harm than the stronger sex .  Apart from the already mentioned excess weight, alcohol is not the best way affects the appearance: because of dehydration, the skin loses moisture - for this reason, there are early wrinkles, cellulite deposits compounded .  And due to vasodilation caused by alcohol, develops swelling and redness of skin in specific areas .

Unfortunately, often, women are no longer able to abandon the usual glass of wine .  Alcohol has become firmly established in the practice of social communication, becoming a fixture as a friendly and business meetings .  So now, scientists in Europe have reflected the need to change the approach to getting rid of alcohol addiction .  The results of the studies conducted in this area are encouraging: using the method of controlled drinking, one should not completely give up alcohol .  Controlled use is provided by the reception of a special preparation that should be taken 2 hours before the alleged admission of alcohol .  As a result of the impact of the drug on brain opioid receptors in humans decreases the desire to take an excessive amount of alcohol, respectively, it can control your alcoholic behavior .  And it is very important for people in Europe, which belongs to the palm in terms of alcohol consumption, which is the main cause of deaths in the age group 15 to 29 years .

Author: Anna Shustrova