NEW: Shampoo Pure & Natural by Nivea
 Excellent moisturizing effect and skin nourishment, which was obtained from the use of argan oil in the media line of Pure & Natural by NIVEA, inspired by the brand experts for further study.

Hair Care for Women, perhaps, no less than the care of the skin. Therefore, experts NIVEA   We focused on creating a formula shampoo with argan oil as an active ingredient caregiver.

As a result of several years of research experts NIVEA   We developed a formula shampoo that contains argan oil and aloe vera. These two natural components give the hair a deep moisturizing and restore from the roots to the tips.

Argan oil   It is the richest source of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, whose concentration therein is higher than in olive 3 times. Argan oil strengthens and nourishes the hair, restoring the structure and preventing the cross-section of the tips.

Aloe vera   It has the unique ability to absorb and retain moisture. Aloe vera moisturizes deeply and how to seal the moisture in the hair, making it thicker without weighing the hair at the same time. Like all Line Pure & Natural   new shampoo for 95% composed of natural ingredients and does not contain parabens and dyes. In the new (as in all shampoos NIVEA ) Is also used silicones.

 NEW: Shampoo Pure & Natural by Nivea

Shampoo Pure & Natural   from NIVEA Saturated nourishing and moisturizing properties of natural ingredients, makes the hair incredibly soft, smooth and manageable.

The novelty is released in a volume of 400 ml. The recommended price of 95 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova