The contest "Football without wives" with Rexona Men at Home Moms
 A football match - it's not just a hot time for the players and fans, but also the "passions" in many families where the husband "sticks" to the screen, and there was not dozvatsya and certainly no questioning. Is it possible to keep the peace in the house during a football (or any other male hobbies) - the theme of our new competition in the Country Mom.

You may have heard about a unique non-profit project "Football without wives?" Nearly five thousand fans "Reset" to ensure that online service Futbolbezzhen .  RF entertained women at football matches .  Six days fundraising, get 1, 5 million rubles! And all for the sake of his wife gave husbands quietly watch football, and they themselves were engaged in pleasant and useful things - won prizes in contests and competitions (by the way, the main prize - a trip to Rio de Janeiro!), Watched the fascinating movies about Brazil and even taught free Portuguese .  By the way, decided to support this project and a longtime partner sites "MediaFort" - the brand Rexona Men .  After learning about this interesting project, we decided to hold its own competition with prizes of Rexona for him and her .  Topic - a woman what to do, until the man something enthusiastically busy .  Those who have husbands are not too fond of football, can write about any other hobby husband and what the family can do while the head of the family is in a "parallel reality" .

10 winners of the contest will receive a magnificent set of Rexona Men for him and for her:

For him

- Stick Antiperspirant Rexona Men «Futbolomaniya" (50 ml)
- Aerosol Rexona Men «Futbolomaniya" (150 ml)
- Roller deodorant Rexona Men «Futbolomaniya"
For her

- Roller antiperspirant "Energy of your days" (50 ml)
- Aerosol "Energy of your day" (150 ml)
- Deodorant Stick "Energy of your days" (50 ml).

New antiperspirants REXONA MEN «FUTBOLOMANIYA" for real fans

Especially for the most important event of the summer male Rexona Men is a series of special antiperspirants "Futbolomaniya." Now, every football fan can do more and surrender to your favorite game with passion and energy.

Thanks to the innovative formula with microcapsules that react to each accompanied by sweating adrenaline and release the fragrance of freshness throughout the day, agents from the series "Futbolomaniya" provide optimum protection for 48 hours. NEW effectively reduces perspiration and prevents odor - now nothing will distract from the real fans of the game of your favorite team.

 The contest "Football without wives" with Rexona Men at Home Moms

The new women's deodorants Rexona «Energy of your day"

Rexona is designed specifically for women, taking into account the characteristics of their active life rhythm, so important feature antiperspirants series "The energy in your day 'is the technology« Motionsence », which is activated while driving. Unique freshness microcapsules included in formula antiperspirant remain on the skin surface and are gradually destroyed by the movement, releasing a pleasant aroma. Thus, the more you move, the greater will be your protection from the smell and feeling of freshness will accompany you throughout the day.

 The contest "Football without wives" with Rexona Men at Home Moms

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Author: Anna Shustrova