Before the end of the contest with Venus & Olay stayed a week!
 Summer - the season when women traditionally pay more attention to their legs than in the cold season. It is understandable, in the heat wearing jeans and closed shoes do not want to, and are known for beautiful female legs is always hard work: hair removal, skin care leg pedicure.

Tell me about how you care for your feet in summer, laid out a photo of his divine shining feet from the beach and get a prize - a novelty from Venus & Olay! Authors of 5 best stories, accompanied by a personal photo, will be presented with two new razor Venus & Olay.

 Before the end of the contest with Venus & Olay stayed a week!

When creating a new razor Venus & Olay were combined the most modern technology Venus and Olay, so in addition to the clean comfortable shave at the same time it provides an excellent skin care.

Exfoliate:   system of five blades Venus gently exfoliates the skin, gently removing dead skin cells - so shave replaces peeling.

Moisturize:   built-in pads Olay moisturizers help maintain the natural moisture level of the skin *, making it incredibly soft, well-groomed and beautiful. The composition includes glycerin pads and petrolatum as well as shaving gel longer than razor Venus Breeze. Due to this now can not use a shaving gel separately.

Radiance:   after the application of the new razor Venus & Olay skin gets 30% more radiant.

The novelty has other nice features: the area of ​​gel pads is increased by 25% compared with Venus Breeze, designed in a mind-blowing pink color and razor-school acquired feminine aroma of sweet berries.

Dates of competition: May 21, 2014 - June 21, 2014

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Author: Anna Shustrova