Meet - innovation: flavored jewelry
 Perfume brand By Kilian released a capsule collection of scented jewelry. This unique leather trinkets with the original design, each of which is provided with microcapsules flavor.

It is strange why until now the idea has not been proposed by any of the popular brands! Solid perfume in the form of a medallion - is all that can be imagined in the phrase "a fragrant decoration."

However By Kilian changes our view, creating a line of jewelry with the scent. The collection - four leather bracelet with the possibility of transformation, there are necklaces with 18-carat gold. Each element is equipped with a ceramic collection with a capacity of 29 scents perfume houses By Kilian.

Bracelets - jewelry is unisex, and they will look equally well on men and women. Perfume compositions complements the flavor of skin, traditionally recognized perfumers and refined luxury.

 Meet - innovation: flavored jewelry
Flavored bracelets By Kilian

This is a good technique to wear your favorite scent, and with it not flavored your skin, hair or clothing.

The cost of new products is high. Bracelets with the flavors are from 195 to 325 dollars, a necklace from 245 to 465 dollars.

Author: Julia Gnedina