Natural Shower Gel scrub with herbs TWIN LOTUS
 Excellent quality cosmetics know exactly what it is in Thailand, it is produced according to the highest international standards, without using chemical additives. The nature of this country is so rich that the local cosmetologists do not even have to invent complicated chemical formulas. Thai recipes are tested for centuries, and the local cosmetics is popular all over the world.

We present to your attention a unique Thai shower gel scrub TWIN LOTUS . The effect of its use is comparable to use of procedures performed in elite spa. Black and red corn sugar cane instantly exfoliate the skin and cleanse the body. A coconut oil helps relieve dryness and makes the skin soft, tender and smooth.

Completely natural, gel enriched with vitamins TWIN LOTUS   It does not cause allergies and irritation.

 Natural Shower Gel scrub with herbs TWIN LOTUS

Natural Thai cosmetics sold in pharmacies across Russia.

  Volume: 250 ml

Recommended price: 615 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova