New from Weleda: Natural Care for Men
 Weleda company is proud to introduce a new product - a completely natural shower gel designed specifically for men. It will complement other novelties of the Russian market - a line of men's skin care products, including a moisturizer for the face and shaving Balm (after shaving), lotion (before and after shaving) and cream (shaving).

Organic Shower Gel Weleda   It has a bright male character and will enjoy all the stronger sex. Almost completely clear it perfectly foams and is easily washed off with water. Soft coconut and sugar surfactants thoroughly cleanse the skin and do not dry it. The gel is very refreshing and gives energy boost, so it is especially good for a morning shower. Masculine fragrance has been specially created by perfumers Weleda for the male line   from a mixture of natural essential oils of rosemary and litseya cubeb with balsamic and woody notes of vetiver.

Sesame oil, which is used in other shower gels Weleda in the men has been replaced by soft surfactants and glyceryl oleate, which are more suitable for men's skin. Gel is a gluten-free - it does not contain ingredients on the basis of wheat and oats, as well as processed products of palm oil and soybean processed products and nuts. It differs from other means shower Weleda by the fact that a gel rather than creamy texture - another masculine trait of his character. As with all other products in the Men Weleda shower gel no synthetic fragrances, preservatives and products based on mineral oils.

 New from Weleda: Natural Care for Men

Composition:   water, detergent active amino acids, alcohols, sugar surfactants, glycerin, xanthan, mixture of natural oils, lactic acid, citric acid, vitamin E, lecithin, glyceryl oleate, hydrogenated glycerides of fatty acids, ascorbyl palmitate.

Recommended retail price: 420 rubles.

Author: Anna Shustrova