The contest "Funny about cats" on
 Quiet, calm, a desire to take refuge from the bustle of ... Now it is more relevant than ever. And so, things are very much appreciated, creating a feeling of home comfort. Live fire is fascinating, its flame can admire the infinite. But if you can not make a real fireplace, besides it must constantly clean, clean up, etc., it is quite suitable electric. It is just for those who want to create an atmosphere of a home with a single click.

Today it has become possible thanks to the stylish and technologically advanced electric fireplace Alex Bauman. A variety of styles, sizes and colors - the card Alex Bauman. Floor or wall, corner or universal - you decide! The range of electric fireplaces has more than 30 models. You can choose the color of your fireplace wallpaper using the online service "Designer" on With electric fireplace Alex Bauman create coziness was easy! Choose your own! Create your philosophy of comfort!

And more home comfort like no other created cute furry creatures - your favorite kittens, cats, cat. Members of our new contest, which is held in conjunction with Alex Bauman will not only compete for the grand prize - the stove compact Story, but to talk about their pets!

Write interesting, funny, entertaining stories about fuzzy households!

The winner will get the stove Story.

 The contest "Funny about cats" on

The cozy outdoor fireplace, stove, which does not require the portal. The effect of the flame - burnt wood. Its advantage is small size. The similarity with the old cast-iron stove, it can be used in the country.
A perfect gift your loved ones.
Dimensions mm .: 550 x 410 x 260
Color - Wenge.
Power consumption: up to 2kW.

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Author: Anna Shustrova