Acupressure as the oldest method of restoring energy and health
 The technique of acupressure (pressure point massage), which is used in the modern wellness center, developed on the basis of the eastern doctrine of piercing the body meridians and circulation of Qi energy on them. This energy is identified with the vitality and energy of the doctrine of more than 5 millennia.

Sam massage as the emergence and development of new directions in medicine has gained lot of common forms. Tapas acupressure technique, emotional release, Shiatsu - all of these partially familiar to many concepts are varieties mentioned in the non-traditional areas of eastern medicine.

And a philosophical doctrine about these massage techniques permeates the thought of the impact on specific points on the body that are responsible for the balance of the vital energy and deliver it to different authorities.

From the philosophy of science

 Acupressure as the oldest method of restoring energy and health

Today there is scientific justification for the healing effects of acupressure techniques. It reduces to the fact that certain points of the body invisibly associated with individual organs.

As evidenced in the writings of ancient oriental doctors and studies of modern specialists, massage effect on these same points affect the functioning of body systems. At the same time, it indirectly helps relieve fatigue, strengthen immunity and strength.

We will not go into a detailed study of the history and evidence of use of acupressure techniques. A better look at the ones that can be used alone, without changing the daily schedule.

It turns out, is quite possible with the appropriate acupressure techniques to restore the supply of energy to avoid a breakdown, eliminate the effects of stress, prevent depression and physical ailments right during the lunch break. Or before the stormy friendly party, preparations for which it requires full mental liberation from the bustle of the work.

Self-massage of the head - the best way to prevent neurosis and cardiovascular diseases

 Acupressure as the oldest method of restoring energy and health
  Acupressure as the oldest method of restoring energy and health

Traditionally, the head massage is considered excellent remedy for migraines, insomnia and associated diseases. However, the Chinese proverb says that it is top of the head - the connection of all the channels of circulation of energy, which is so necessary for the harmonious functioning of the body.

According to modern medical data, the impact of the middle finger on the point, which is on the top, strengthens the nervous system. Moreover, experience shows that such a massage lowers blood pressure.

At a distance of 3 transverse finger from that point in the direction forehead or 2 fingers from the hairline to the crown is another reflexogenic zone. Massaging it is recommended for heart palpitations and pain in the frontal area of ​​the head.

If it makes itself felt pain in the temporal part - "tap" can be other reflex points located in the corners of the frontal scalp (at a distance of 1, 5 cm from the hairline).

Quickly remove the symptoms of eye fatigue and dizziness helps massage zones that are located on one transverse finger above the midpoints of each eyebrow. A to prevent discomfort resulting from the driving in a long transport, - effects on points located in the occipital cavity on both sides of an imaginary line which divides the head into two parts.

Making energy Qi clear your head of mental fatigue and make clearer thinking will help other methods - tapping and multiple scalp massage. Both require preheating (rubbing) hands.

Tapping should be done on the entire surface of the head bones fingers. A scalp massage provides a number of vertical movements of the border of hair to the back of the head. At the same time it should be done with his fingertips, spreading them like a pre-comb and forcefully pressed to the head.

Massage the neck - soft continuation of the procedure, cleansing the body and mind

During the last of the above procedures can be smoothly go to massage basin, which is located at the base of the skull, that is on the back of the neck. This point is considered in philosophical treatises place accumulations of negative energy. Therefore, it is called "evil winds" or "Pool of the Winds." 20-30-second massaging this zone eliminates any kind of headache, pain in the eyes, and in general a positive effect on the senses.

  The principles of acupressure effects on the hands and feet

The soles of the feet and hands are reflex zones with thousands of nerve endings. And each and are "attached" to a particular organ.

 Acupressure as the oldest method of restoring energy and health

 Acupressure as the oldest method of restoring energy and health

Comprehensive foot massage, by the way, was familiar to our ancestors, who, as we know, went to the simple sandals made of bark hard, if not do without shoes. In sandals, according to historical sources, ancient Russia, our ancestors underlay dandelion leaves. And sometimes the effect of acupressure feet reached by walking over rocks and uneven ground.

A simple foot massage can make absolutely everyone. To do this, the thumbs of both hands, push the center of the ankle folds (in a place where the foot moves in the shin), while holding the other fingers to the bottom of the foot. After that, in a circular motion massage cushion under the fingers, in turn putting pressure on areas that are between their joints, and at the end of the procedure - the central part of the foot.

Proper implementation of this procedure normalizes the work of all internal organs and significantly enhances immunity. Meanwhile, foot massage helps to cure certain diseases of the joints and back.

Massage hands stroking involves primarily in the region of the lymphatic vessels. The next stage of this massage - rubbing the fingers, and then - on both sides of palms (straight and circular) and schipkoobraznye rubbing in the areas between the toes.

The described techniques protect the body from colds and strengthen the nervous system. During this massage is also useful to press on the nail plate: it stimulates the brain.
Author: Alla Pilipenko