Cosmetics Feng Shui
 If you believe in the magic of feng shui, the ancient Chinese wisdom must not bypass your attitude and the use of cosmetics. After all, every woman's use of numerous tubes and bottles - it is a very special ritual.

The more natural, the better
Feng shui, like our skin, welcomes all positive. So make it a habit to study the contents of each tube. You can write out on a separate sheet of paper a list of harmful and beneficial ingredients, and look at him, choosing another bottle or jar.

It is also recommended as much as possible to use entirely natural products such as oils, essences, masks of the available products. You probably know how your skin and hair is like.

Timing, timing, timing
Carefully follow the shelf life of each tube. When they expire, without regret dispose of cosmetics. Do not leave a tube of lipstick donated "to remember the name" - just write it down. Unusable things lead to stagnation of qi favorable energy, which is bad for your health and life in general.

 Cosmetics Feng Shui
 Full order
Keep all cosmetics in one place - no need to throw it all over the apartment. Feng Shui can not stand disorder in any form. Dust on the perfume bottle prevents Qi energy to circulate freely, people in these rooms feel irritability and fatigue.

No cracks
But most of all Feng Shui does not like to crack. Therefore, if the cap of the lipstick is cracked or peeled paint from it - from cosmetics is better to get rid of. These things are dangerous for humans, because it violates his energy, carry disease and misery. The same applies to the mirror, powder, cosmetics. Replace them with new ones as soon as you see that a piece broke off, her compact housing is cracked or broken zipper on the purse.

Do not create trash
In Feng Shui it is important that all things were functional and regularly used. So before you go shopping for another in the beauty shop, think about whether to use the new tools. It may be wiser to buy probes, instead of buying whole banks, which will then be idle for months on the dressing table. Analyze what color lipstick you best go, and that's enough to experiment. Experience shows that women are much more likely to return to the old, loved tones that are accurately it than constantly try something new.

Healthy habits
To maintain a favorable circulation of Qi energy, create good habits at:
- All cosmetic products and put things into place;
- Make a mask or manicure, immediately clean up after themselves;
- Throw away all makeup that you do not like or who, for whatever reason, do not use, because such funds are not able to be charged with positive energy.

Be beautiful and healthy!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya