Health and longevity in Japanese
 As in look 50 35? What is the secret of youth in Japanese? The secret is hidden in the ancient traditions that are not lost its relevance, but on the contrary, become more important in today's hyperactive world. On them we will cover in this article.

Minimal processing and grinds

Minimal processing of products enables to preserve the vitamins in the product alive. Of course there are raw meat, we can not, like to eat small live cuttlefish swimming in a bowl. We are still not Japanese. They are very useful, which is confirmed by nutritionists, fast processing of meat on a hot frying pan or the fire, not long hot. Quickly I prepared - immediately eaten.

The second very important thing - grinds. The Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, and all the inhabitants of south-east Asia are trying to cut the ingredients in the delicate little pieces. Firstly, so delicious, because food gets more juicy. Second, the table is always more than three or four kinds of dishes - so long as you admire their appetizing look, think, to what to approach, you try a little bit each. Third, Japan adopted "praise" food during the meal. This is a very useful exercise for the mind and body. On the one hand, you are distracted from everyday problems, questions focus on the enjoyable experience, on the other - the food is good, well digested. You start to smile more positive energy fills your entire life. And this process starts with small things - a leisurely meal.

 Health and longevity in Japanese

Small portions

Standards of beauty in the world are changing due to the indiscriminate obesity. Portions rising standards (waist circumference, weight, etc.) also shifted significantly in recent years. Meanwhile, any nutritionist will tell you that the standard for the United States and Europe with a dinner plate - it's actually a triple portion of the amount required to man. Optimum serving of fish or meat - it is 100 grams, and the salad and vegetables - 150 g Whereas over the last forty years of serving size in the "western" world rose by 27%, the Japanese remain true to yourself. The result is obvious - the Japanese are 10 times less prone to obesity than Americans. Do you want to be slim - follow the Japanese wisdom!

Health and beauty - the cult of the nation

Today, one can often hear that beauty - is synonymous with health, but in Russia this claim exists mainly in words. On the beauty of people care much more - Buy high-quality cosmetics, branded clothing, have resorted to the latest technologies of cosmetology. But the food there as if in a single "plane". We continue to consume a lot of salt, sugar and fat use for salad filling (primarily, mayonnaise). The Japanese concept of "beauty" and "health" are inseparable and the cult of the nation. For the Japanese, it is obvious: if you want to be beautiful, take care of the body from the inside. Japanese filled skin health and youthfulness with proper food - vegetables, fruits, seafood, non-caloric gas stations, and we are still trying to solve the shortage of moisture and vitamins, spreading expensive face cream. High-quality cosmetics - that's fine, but, alas, this is not enough!

And as without salt? - You ask. After all, food is too sweet. Meanwhile harmful salt there is a healthy alternative - soy sauce. Created by natural fermentation, natural soy sauce keeps all the beneficial properties of soy and significantly outperforms salt - both on taste characteristics, and on the effects on the body. It is proved that those who replaced the salt in the soy sauce, significantly reduced the daily intake of salt, being at the same time improves. Therefore, Japanese retirees youthful look, a lot of traveling and leads the list of centenarians. To explain it simply - less salt, the better the heart and rarely jumps pressure, the stronger health and a better mood.

By the way, we can easily apply and the Japanese secret - just select the correct, natural soy sauce. At this sauce on the label must be written in "natural fermentation". If the sauce is not produced by conventional formulation and rapid manner by acids, such soy sauce can not be called natural. Moreover, it is saturated with carcinogens. So make the right choice in favor of natural fermentation.

Soy sauce - the sauce, dressing and marinades

A very important part of Japanese cuisine - soy sauce - a useful, easy and versatile. In the East, the sauce used for cooking many dishes, sauces complex and just as a separate sauce. Soy sauce - it is also an excellent marinade. If you mix the spices and soy sauce and marinate in it meat or fish, you get first-class results, a decent chef. Soy sauce absorbs the aroma of spices and gives them meat, softening quickly and does not harm the structure and taste of meat. Whatever dish you prepared or use natural soy sauce "SEN SOY premium". With him your meals will be much healthier and tastier.

 Health and longevity in Japanese

The secret to increasing the vital energy

Japanese philosophy and the meaning of life is to achieve harmony. When the "Yin and Yang" are in balance with each other, the vital energy "Qi" increases significantly. One of the effects of synergy is the good health of the Japanese, the other - the world's highest productivity of this nation. Do not look for an explanation in genetics or generated in the course of education of willpower. There is much more simple explanation - the majority of Japanese cuisine combines hot and cold energy (for example, rice and fish - cold sources of energy, and wasabi and ginger - hot), which allows you to maintain balance in the body.

The quest for harmony and realized that the Japanese on the table have to be the food of different elements. It is possible to provide a complete diet that guarantees the benefit of food consumed and excellent health.

Wasabi - Japanese horseradish with a cool character

Speaking of Japanese cuisine and its benefits, not to mention wasabi - original, tasty and healthy spicy seasoning. This amazing plant is easily straightened with pathogenic bacteria, so it is actively used in the treatment of many serious diseases (eg, asthma, anemia and even cancer). Burning wasabi - this is not hell, and not with the mustard stain. It is a natural condiment from a plant that grows in the icy water of mountain streams. Try real wasabi "SEN SOY Premium", you will never confuse it with a substitute, which is prepared from the powder. Wasabi - the perfect seasoning for sushi. It is not only the original and bright taste, but also brings undoubted benefits. It wasabi helps to neutralize the potential harmful bacteria in raw fish, of which the Japanese are known to prepare sushi and sashimi.

Pickled ginger - does taste different sushi rolls and clearer.

Ginger, as well as wasabi - a source of hot energy. Pickled ginger, which is always served to susham and roll. Ginger for the Japanese - is the root of life, it is valuable, like ginseng. Pickled ginger contains a lot of useful minerals; It improves digestion, promotes weight loss, slows aging, increases alertness, has an antiseptic effect.

The main value of pickled ginger - is the ability to share a taste of different dishes. Before each new dish is eaten pickled ginger few petals, while the taste of the previous dishes like "zeroing." Pickled ginger helps to better feel the taste of different kinds of fish in sushi, without mixing them.

 Health and longevity in Japanese

On the shelves of sufficient proposals to ginger, but to choose a quality pickled ginger is difficult; can get excessively hot, hard and overripe with coarse fibers, or with an excess marinade and a minimum of ginger.

Therefore, it is always better to choose a proven product, for example, such as pickled ginger brand "SEN SOY premium":

The ratio of the marinade and ginger optimal (lots of ginger and a little liquid)

1. Use only for the production of young ginger with a fine crunchy texture with a pleasant taste, without coarse fibers.

2. Taste corresponds preferences of Russian consumers (pleasant young moderate pungency of ginger, balanced sweetness and acidity of the marinade).

3. Convenient package for beginners of Japanese cuisine (Bank 145 g and 350 g) and for gourmets and connoisseurs (packing with zip-lock 300 g, 1 kg package).

Pickled ginger "SEN SOY premium" - is very popular and is available on many well-known cafes and restaurants Asian cuisine throughout the country.

The company "joke" offers the most extensive and complete range of products for the preparation of sushi and rolls, also including frozen food (fried eel Tobiko caviar - 4 types of lettuce Chuka); get acquainted with the assortment of the company is possible on site.

Nori: choose a quality product

Sheets of dried red seaweed, called Nori It is used for seaming roll pickled in the rice and other ingredients in the manufacture of various types of land. To obtain such sheets seaweed collected at sea, washed, and then pulverized. After rinsing in fresh water to remove the sea salt grass tufts dumped onto a large square frame and dried. These sheets are cut and packed. Nori is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and B12, and iodine, and is therefore considered a highly effective deterrent to the formation of deposits of cholesterol in the vessel wall.

 Health and longevity in Japanese

Today, many of our compatriots are able to prepare the rolls, but not everyone knows how to choose the sheets of nori. Therefore, finding the right product is often accompanied by a string of errors. This is understandable, because it seems that the nori - it's just a sheet of seaweed, all of the same goods, but the price is different.

Poor quality nori has the following defects: a sheet of loose, over-dried, rough, ragged edges and crumble, has through-holes, in the preparation of rolls spilling risinki. Sheets of nori poor quality smell bad - rancid butter or other non odor. Chew a Nori long as cud. Be alert - select only high-quality product.

Nori "SEN SOY premium" quite meet the high requirements that apply to the nori chefs. It is quite dense and plastic sheets, which do not break and do not soak, firmly and securely hold the form roll.

Rainbow taste in the Japanese version

Japanese cuisine is very diverse. It is not only sushi and rolls, and many other recipes - delicious soups, salads, hot dishes, even the Japanese skewers and barbecue. By the way, in Japan, they are very fond of grilled meats. There are lots of interesting marinades and sauces that make the meat on the fire, not only school with a crisp, but also very appetizing to look at. Teriyaki, Yakiniku, Yakisoba, unagi maki, miso soup, Yakitori, Sotey - is not just exotic names, and the best culinary masterpieces, worthy of a great empire, and of course, the warm family feasts, friendly party or a romantic date. Impossible to resist!

 Health and longevity in Japanese

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