Japanese beauty rituals
 The beauty of Japanese women is often compared to cherry blossoms, the same gentle, clean and modest. To achieve this perfection Japanese are making a lot of effort, following the age-old rituals of care. Perhaps some of them will be useful for us.

Caring for yourself - it's fun

Beauty for Japanese women - is not only flawless appearance, but also the ability to achieve harmony with the world and with itself. To Japanese cosmetic procedures are very responsible and tidy. Everything must take place without fuss, in a purely retracted home and without the presence of outsiders. As an attribute you can not use old or damaged items such as towels faded, torn packages, cracked bowls, broken combs and brushes. According to residents of the rising sun, the beauty of the need to put things in using aesthetic things.

 Japanese beauty rituals

Using cosmetics, Japanese women not only take care of themselves and preen, and get pleasure from the process, fill your life with positive emotions. That is why when choosing a cosmetic Japanese women pay attention to every detail: for them is not only important composition with a predominance of natural ingredients, but also the appearance of the packaging, color and flavor content. Even better if the product attached stylish accessories for its use: cosmetic, brushes, tubes, bowls and so on.

 Japanese beauty rituals

Remembering famous geisha and kabuki theater actresses, it seems that Japanese women prefer to apply the makeup kilos. But is it really? And what rules and traditions jealously revered in Japan?

Miraculous power of steam and moisture

Almost all the Japanese just love water treatments. They love to take a shower, a bath and go to the bath. In the arsenal of any Japanese woman entire kilograms cosmetic oils, foams, gels, shampoos and so forth. But at the same sponge to be traditionally made of natural materials: it is often a gauze bag with the usual raw rice. The hot bath (38-40 and above) Japanese like to add extracts of green tea or sake. After the procedure has been for many years, they use skin moisturizer containing shea butter.

 Japanese beauty rituals

Japanese bath (ofuro) is famous for its healing properties, able to improve the functioning of the heart, kidneys and joints, restore the immune system, relieve depression and stress. For Japanese women is also a great way to bring your skin in order. The special wooden barrels "furako" with very hot water (45-55 C), they are often added to herbal teas medicinal herbs (green tea, chamomile, mint, series and so on.). Sit in this heat more than five minutes is unsafe for the body and the power of the few. But even this will be enough time for the skin noticeably changed, becoming clean, silky and elastic.

Secrets double cleansing

It is no secret that for Asians face pale shade is considered a sign of beauty and grooming. Therefore, for most Japanese women it is important that their skin had a thin, velvety texture and perfect color. With this fact in Japanese connected whole concept - "bihaku", which means - "white beauty". A concept of beauty and purity in Japan are inseparable.

 Japanese beauty rituals

And, perhaps, one of the main rituals of Japanese women - double cleansing. This method of deep cleaning person, consisting of two stages: purification and cleansing oil soap.

Stage 1.   Cleansing Oil perfectly removes make-up (including waterproof), fats and other impurities accumulated on the face during the day. The choice of oil as a first step in the ritual of cleansing is justified primarily by the fact that its structure is very effectively dissolves make-up and relieves the skin from dryness without stripping it with the protective layer. Apply the oil can be padded and without drives, thereby avoiding falling particles of cotton in the eye.

 Japanese beauty rituals

Step 2.   Soap completing a purification procedure to remove the remnants of dirt and dead cells. It must be soft and rich moisturizing agents which do not dry the skin. It is desirable to select the optimum water temperature: not too hot and not too cold. It is not recommended to wash your face during the day too often, even if the skin is prone to acne.

Without the double ritual cleansing of Japanese women rarely proceeds to other skin care procedures, among which the most popular are: hydration, exfoliation, steam, water massage and others.

Hair like silk

No less carefully resident of Japan, concerned about the beauty of their hair. One of the age-old traditions was drying wet hair natural silk. Replace the towel, Japanese women believe that it gives your hair a healthy shine and silkiness.

 Japanese beauty rituals

Weakened hair follicles in Japan for many years, strengthened by a silk bag filled with rice husks or bran. They gently massage the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck. A hair from excessive fat and helps to get rid of dandruff Japanese apple cider vinegar, which are often mixed into shampoo or make him a mask.

One of the most important conditions for Japanese beauty rituals - is their regularity and self-love.
Author: Albina Rogov