Korean beauty secrets: there is a lot to learn?
 Korea gave women around the world a lot of innovations and traditional recipes of beauty. Korean beauty secrets no less significant in the cosmetic world than French and Japanese beauty-technology.

Korean philosophy of clean skin deserves to learn and apply it. Europeans learned about it from a medical work in 1600, which is the world's known as Dongui Bogam. A modern woman can be grateful to Korea for innovations such as BB cream, cream packaging with dispenser or artificial lashes, without which it is now difficult to imagine our beauticians.

What should thank the Korean women, whose secrets are now prolong our youth and beauty?

System 424

These three numbers are the key to glowing and clear skin Koreans. Indeed, it is deciphering the most important procedure for all women - wash in the mornings and evenings. Any beauticians will say that washing - a cleansing, toning and moisturizing. And Koreans remember this truth from birth, because the rules absorb wash at birth, due to the so-called Korean system 424.

 Korean beauty secrets: there is a lot to learn?

This system includes three steps:

1) Cleansing the face. Oils (coconut, almond, or any cleaning) Koreans cleanse the skin for 4 minutes.

2) The following 2 minutes - a detergent foam agent.

3) And the system is completed 4-hminutnym rinsing the face with water. First with warm, then cold to close pores.

If Koreans are further tonics, then do not do it as we are. They prefer good press with your fingertips on your face when applying a tonic, for the best effect and absorption of the product.

And completes all moisture. To apply moisturizer woman from Korea first carefully heat it up in his hands, then applied his fingertips outward and downward.

Green tea

It is a real miracle of nature. List all the benefits it brings to our health and beauty, perhaps, it is quite difficult. There are a lot of them. Antioxidants - almost the main champions of the youth of the skin. And they abound in green tea.

 Korean beauty secrets: there is a lot to learn?

Koreans do not stop at what has been learned. And recently they have opened another powerful antioxidant in green tea - is EGCG, it is found only in this drink, nowhere else. And the most powerful concentration is found only in the leaves of green tea grown in the fields of Korean island of Cheju (Jeju), which has the best climate for the cultivation of tea, the most antioxidant-rich. Therefore, the most useful cosmetics with green tea - one that was brought from Korea. Although the products of other manufacturers at least impressed with the results.


Ginseng is prized in Korea than in other Asian countries. Ginseng - the main ingredient in anti-aging Korean women, it helps restore moisture balance of the skin and fight the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation.

Korean bath peeling

Koreans, have satiny skin, like a good scrub. Exfoliating treatments are carried out not only at home but also in Korean bathhouses. Now some salons provide something similar, sometimes referred to as "Korean spa." That is the secret of a smooth body skin Korean women.

Sheet facials

Today it is almost the most popular cosmetic product from Korea. However, the market is more Chinese copies. Still, the technology - Korean. These masks perform two functions - cleanse the skin and nourish. Do leaf mask should be once a week. And their popularity can be explained, perhaps, practicality. After all, very few people like incomprehensible substance on his face, and after a long process of purification of the mask. In the case of leaf masks it is simple - wet, inflicted, withdrew. What is not a tool for women's employment?

 Korean beauty secrets: there is a lot to learn?

Korean leafy masks not only relieve swelling, and bleach. For example, for this purpose we used the powder of the cocoon of the silkworm.

Korean least

European manufacturers are increasingly seeking a multifunctional product, eliminating women from being able to have a large amount of funds for skin care. Koreans have a different approach. Firstly, they will never forget the special funds for the neck and decollete. Add to this some means for the eye area. Then - a few tools to face. You know how much is typed jars and tubes?

Move the breath and now I will report. The average Korean woman uses daily about 10-20 different cosmetic products for skin care. We hardly ready for this! But maybe, why not have the porcelain face as the women of this country.

Korean Stretching

Koreans are engaged in face yoga for a long time. Combined with correct breathing turns rejuvenating. If everything is done correctly, this practice does not increase the wrinkles and reduces them. And do not know hundreds of asanas for the face, it is sufficient to repeat 10 times with a good articulation of the following sounds: "Ma, Me, Ni, Mo, We".

Korean makeup

In the end it is worth noting that the presence of large amounts of funds for the skin offset by a relatively modest makeup. Easy - it is the main principle. Eyes distinguished black liner, and the shadows are applied only on the upper eyelid (mostly cold translucent shades). A little mascara, but the eyebrows should be neat (it reached colorless gel). Rounding out the picture - pink blush and juicy natural lip shades.

 Korean beauty secrets: there is a lot to learn?

Take on arming the main rule of the Korean women makeup: "Less makeup, skin care longer."
Author: Vasilisa Cousin