"Only mummy saves from death ..."
 Under such an unusual word to the ear hidden "Mining Resin", produced in the deep caves of the high mountains of Central Asia. Color of mummy black or dark brown, slightly bitter taste, the smell of a particular substance is easily soluble in water and low toxic. During long-term storage hardens because moisture loss.

Word "Mummy"   It comes from the Greek and means "to keep the body." Izdrevna of the mummy were legends associated with its magical healing properties, the ancient poets sang and dedicated his verses. As drug mummy has been used for more than 3 thousand years ago. In folk medicine, India, Iran, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Tibet and Central Asia mummy used to this day. Eastern proverb: "Only mummy saves from death."

Composition mumie can be divided into inorganic and organic part, while in the latter, there are about 30 groups of biologically active substances, trace elements, amino acids and fatty acids.

According to the representatives of eastern medicine are the following indications for use mummy: poisoning, stuttering, scorpion bites and pimples, broken bones - for fast healing, asthma, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, parasitic skin disease, atopic dermatitis, diabetes, weight loss and others.

The efficacy of the mummy is due to its properties: mummy stimulates the body's mineral metabolism, increases the number of red blood cells in our blood, increases the hemoglobin content, enhances the activity of the sex glands, increases the body's resistance to adverse environmental effects, acts as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent, helps reduce fatigue and helps to restore lost energy.

As such contraindications to the mummy has not been revealed. Mummies - low-toxic substance, but it is important to comply with the measure and taking the drug is not recommended to drink alcohol.

 "Only mummy saves from death ..."
 It is necessary to distinguish between a natural mummy of a tablet, which is made on the basis of an extract of mummy. Unfortunately, tabletting, during which mumie amenable to chemical and thermal treatment, it loses a number of therapeutic properties. In the process of tableting mumie fall components that can be harmful to health.

- 1% solution can help mumie in the treatment of barley . Suffice it to bury it in the eye.

- When periodontitis   rinse your mouth in the morning and before going to bed with a solution of 2, 5 grams mummy with 100 ml of water.

- With strong headaches   Take 0, 2 grams mummy at night for 10 days, then 5 days of rest.

- For the prevention of premature aging   recommended a tonic of the mummy: mummy 6-8 grams diluted with a few drops of water to a mushy state, then add 500 grams of honey and mix thoroughly. Take three times a day before meals for 1 st. spoon. Store the finished product in a cool place.

 "Only mummy saves from death ..."
 - In recent years become increasingly popular rejuvenating bath with mummy . First option: 5-10 grams mummy dissolved in a half-filled bathtub. Take a bath for half an hour, adding hot water under cooling. Full Course - 10 baths. The second option: 500 ml of boiled water to dissolve 5 grams mummy. Prepare the tub and pour it into a half of the solution (250 ml). Take for 15-20 minutes in the evening, and then leave it until the morning. In the morning add in a bath of hot water and dissolve in it the remainder of the fluid. Take morning bath for 15 minutes. Full course - 20 days, it is recommended to take a bath every other day.

Care skin can be prepared a few very simple masks .

- Morning mummy mask . Recipe: required 4 percent solution mummy to be frozen. Every morning, to give the skin a fresh appearance wipe the face with ice cubes prepared. After the procedure, apply a nourishing cream.

- Cleansing Mask with mummy . Recipe: 1 tsp. Honey, a little bit (about the size of a pea) mummy. Mix both ingredients in a ceramic pot and on a water bath in a thin layer on the face after 15 minutes wash. This mask will also buy your skin smooth and taut. It is recommended to do the evening before bedtime.

- Rejuvenating Mask . The recipe: Mix 15 grams of mummy with bottle of cream and wait for hours until the mummy is well dissolved in the cream-colored mass. The mask is applied for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. It is recommended to do in a day. It helps to remove skin fatigue after a hard day's work.

- Mummy mask with hair . Recipe: 10 tablet mummy dilute shampoo. When shampooing prepared weight soap, lather and hold on the hair for 3-5 minutes to allow the mummy to effectively influence the hair follicles. All rinse.

Cost mummy . The average price of 100 grams of the product varies between 1,000 Russian rubles. Packing tablet mummy - 150 rubles. On sale you can find ready-made face masks, as part of which will be mummy, clay and various oils.

Be beautiful and healthy!
Author: Alesya_Marchenko