Vietnamese massage, or Thief Dam
 Regular carrying Vietnamese massage stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, prevents flabbiness tissue.

Even in the era of the great civilizations of Egypt, Siam, China, India, women have tried various ways to affect the skin of the face and body using decoctions, tinctures, mud wraps and massages using in its various manifestations. However, the development has historically received a special massage the face, neck and hands in the East - in China, Japan, Korea, Siam and, of course, in Vietnam. All Asian doctors attach great importance to touch the hands of the masseur and various techniques stimulate energy points, so the Vietnamese massage or a thief Dam is no exception.

Vietnamese massage combines traditional Asian technique for pressure on the energy channels and acupressure points to the impact of the spine, joints and energetic movements, muscle warming.

Interesting!   In Vietnam, they say, you need to take care of the "inner palace," which will keep the good condition of the body and the soul.

The use of aromatic oils massage allows to achieve deep relaxation, to speed up the elimination of toxins from the body, making the skin more elastic.

Effects of massage

Regular carrying Vietnamese massage stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, prevents flabbiness tissue. Slowly and gently pressing movements have a relaxing effect, and moderate or stronger - easier to balance the pain and mental state.

Massage technique

 Vietnamese massage, or Thief Dam
 Massage is performed pads or joints bent fingers. Movement is a horizontal-rotational, which are made clockwise. Bioactive points are massaged for at least 1 minute.

Basic massage techniques include: a slight pressure, which uses the severity of a finger or a brush; non-stop stroking and deep pressure, which is characterized by the appearance in the pit under the oppressive point a finger.

The action of light during massage

The massage and SPA-salons often use colored spotlights, which play a role aesthetic and energy.

Yellow   resulting in feelings of movement, free from negativity that undermines confidence. It helps easier to accept new ideas and to take a different perspective. It contributes to better self-organization and concentration of thought.

Red light   for tired people. It stimulates the nervous system releases adrenalin, improves circulation, increases sexuality and sexual attraction.

Green color   refers to harmonizing as balance of excitation and inhibition in the central nervous system, improves autonomic regulation, has a mild calming effect on the emotional state.

The average duration of the procedure:   one astronomical hour.

Contraindications for massage

Before the procedure, you should consult with your doctor!

• high body temperature,

• infectious diseases,

• exacerbation of chronic diseases,

• pregnancy,

• menstruation,

• diseases and skin lesions

• asthmatic condition,

• bleeding,

• mental illness,

• severe heart and vascular diseases, malignant tumors,

• benign tumors that have a tendency to grow.
Author: Inna Sedykh