Secrets of homemade scrubs
 Manufacturers of cosmetic products taken care of the millions of women, producing everything you need to skin care. But the creators often use as part of their funds folk recipes for scrubs. Why should not we think about these recipes a bit neglected, and sometimes make themselves useful tools for your hands. For some it would be superfluous excuse to pamper yourself home "gadgets", and for someone to be a pleasant experiment. In any case, scrubs, home-cooked of the usual ingredients are no worse than store-bought and are even much better. Household scrubs are not difficult to prepare and accessible enough for all, and the cooking process is very interesting and fascinating.

Homemade scrubs perfectly cope with the main task of removing dead cells and contribute to better metabolism and blood circulation, which is important for health and beauty of the skin itself.

Now neposrdestvenno about the recipes.

For dry and sensitive skin   facial scrubs to better suit the more delicate gentle abrasive particles, that do not scratch the skin and will not cause irritation. Therefore it is better to use a very finely grind salt, oatmeal or artificial particles (such as plastic balls).

Recipe number 1

Mix a teaspoon fine sea salt with a small amount of cream (sour cream). And receiving means apply to the skin, avoiding the eye area.

Recipe number 2

Mix 3 tablespoons oatmeal (pre-crushed in a coffee grinder, if possible) with 3 tablespoons milk, cream or water. Stir mixture and allow it to stand for 30 minutes and then applied to the skin and massaged few minutes.

Recipe number 3

For this recipe you will need a few berries every grape (6-7 pieces) and ground oatmeal. All ingredients were mixed and left for several minutes for swelling flakes. Then ready to scrub massage the skin within five minutes and rinse with warm water.

After using these scrubs the skin becomes soft, smooth and supple.

For oily and mixed skin   suit scrubs, whose composition included in the coarser abrasive particles (salt, crushed bone or nuts), which more effectively cleanse the skin from pollution, thus reducing shine. But you need to use these scrubs gently as it is likely to damage the skin.

Recipe number 1

Two tablespoons of oatmeal mix with one teaspoon of ground rice, vegetable oil (olive oil) and warm water. This scrub will save your skin from oily sheen, narrows the time - and the skin becomes smooth. The tool is suitable for problem skin.

Recipe number 2

Mix 3 tablespoons of cream (yogurt) with one tablespoon of natural ground coffee. However, use of such a scrub very carefully, since the particles of coffee can get very large and sharp.

This recipe is notable for the fact that coffee can be used after he was drunk, but drinking it will have no additives, sugar and everything else to coffee grounds was a natural. So retseptik, as they say, for body and soul.

Scrub with coffee particles, mixed with a nourishing cream perfect for dark skin.

Recipe number 3

The most simple and plain composition of the scrub will allow to use it anywhere: in the resort away or when you simply need to quickly bring the skin in order. Wet cotton pad (just a piece of cotton wool), which dipped in baking soda or common salt (preferably small) - that's the whole recipe. This drive carefully massage the skin and wash away the remnants of salt or baking soda with warm water. The result is a smooth and well-cleaned skin.

Recipe number 4

Another simple recipe Express scrub for oily skin. Half a teaspoon of sugar mixed with soap suds and receipt of funds applied to the skin massaging, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Recipe number 5

Five strawberries (Fragaria) mixed with 3 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil and add 5 tablespoons fine salt. This scrub with an alluring aroma of strawberries perfectly cleanse and soothe the skin. Instead of strawberries and slices of butter can be used orange and warm water - this scrub is suitable for normal skin.

This cleanser, scrub as the need to not only the face but also the body.   Therefore, here are some home retseptik for the occasion.

Recipe number 1

Again, help coffee. Two teaspoons of coffee grounds mixed with two teaspoons of sour cream. You can add a little mood for drops of fragrant oil. This scrub will give a pleasant sensation of aromatic and makes the skin more beautiful.

Recipe number 2

Perfect for a body scrub with walnuts. To do this, take a tablespoon of oatmeal, three tablespoons of oatmeal, one tablespoon of crushed walnuts and as much flour. All this is mixed with a small amount of warm water to obtain a slurry. This scrub is very effective and useful.

Recipe number 3

This scrub suit as the body, so for oily skin. Mix one teaspoon of salt (Salt either, but small), ginger, cinnamon and ground nutmeg with a little warm water until the weight consistency of sour cream. This tool is not only a pleasant spicy flavor, but also with antibacterial, healing properties.

Pleasant and useful to you in the preparation of minutes of scrubs!
Author: Anastasia Raikov