The right choice: home remedies or cosmetics factory?
 We women are not looking for easy ways. Especially in matters of our health, youth and attractiveness. Cosmetologists say that it is best for all natural skin - so off cosmetics factory, and we are already at the stove, bring the broth to the desired condition of aloe. But if our efforts bring benefit the skin? When home remedies treat yourself, and when to give preference to the jars and bottles in industrial production?

Love for homemade cosmetics is often attributed to the psychological comfort of their creator - psychologists believe. Girls are nice to feel the master, who in three tubes mixes the secret ingredients in order to get them in the end the magic anti-aging cream. Often, the initiative supports mothers and grandmothers, who in the days of his youth, mixed with strawberry cream, applied to the face, making your skin fresh and youthful appearance.

In favor of home remedies, "proven" generations yet say prices in boutiques on quality cosmetics. In a crisis, much easier to use coffee beans to eliminate cellulite, you buy an identical anti-cellulite agent. Coffee has practically every kitchen, and here's a moment you will not only enjoy its pleasant taste with a cup, and then use the sediment at the bottom for the improvement of problem areas. What could be better economy, relaxation and healing at a time?

 The right choice: home remedies or cosmetics factory?

The benefits of home cosmetics

Convenience.   You do not have early in the morning to rush to the store to buy a mask for the face. All ingredients are at hand. And even if some of them are not yet available, it can be easily replaced by another, the benefits of this are not reduced. After all, home recipes masks, scrubs and other kinds of a huge amount of cosmetics.

Natural.   Perhaps the greatest advantage. You are aware that you are using, and you can be confident in the success of their actions. Chemical substances that are found in every factory and cosmetics that often cause allergies, you denied, and it is a definite plus. Only the best gifts of nature for your skin.

Savings.   Take a calculator and calculate the difference between home and factory facilities. Often it is possible to buy not just a pack of ice cream, which in itself is nice, but a few essential things. For example, a new pair of tights or beautiful lingerie.

 The right choice: home remedies or cosmetics factory?

The negative aspects of improvised means

The need for preparation, monitoring freshness cosmetics.   Buying cosmetics in the store, you can forget about the manipulation of natural materials, such cosmetics does not require any special storage conditions and survive the bad screwed cap jars. Visit the cosmetics not only requires time for its production, but also the attention to her needs - Terms and rules of storage.

Unverified ingredients.   Well, if you live in an ecologically clean area, you have a cow that grazes on pasture and gives good milk. In the kitchen garden delight the eye neat bushes of strawberries, which own grown without chemical fertilizers. But often such a situation - it is an ideal to which there are only aspire to. Home Products purchased from the hands of the nearest farmers often do not pass a thorough inspection, so we have to trust their boss. If we talk about cosmetics factory, many brands have their own plantations, which are in clean areas. The raw material is collected, stored, dried, strictly on certain days with the correct temperature. Herbs certainly can be purchased at the pharmacy, but with good natural coffee, cream and homemade egg may have problems.

Unknown penetration means.   In the research laboratories of the leading cosmetic brands over the years created and perfected the formula funds, study their effectiveness. All of this is a complex system of monitoring the concentration of active ingredients in the product, their correct proportions, which not only does not harm the skin of a woman, and bring her good. Can not find what layers of the skin reaches a home remedy, it is possible that it only solves a small problem - the removal of surface moisture and irritation.

 The right choice: home remedies or cosmetics factory?

Expert opinion beauticians

With sufficient confidence in natural ingredients home remedies, the latter can be prepared and used in beauty rituals as often as you want it. But to completely replace their factory products can only owners of youthful skin because it still does not require much effort in maintaining her youth and attractiveness. If we talk about women, crossed the age limit of 30 years, it is necessary to combine the natural home care with cosmetics factory. Of course, it should be done under the supervision of your beautician. But remember that in special cases, and natural cosmetics factory, and may be ineffective. A number of skin problems solve only salon treatment.

Brand cosmetics greatly simplifies our lives, but the weekend - the best time for a natural home care. Mix and match all kinds of tools, and you will always be young and beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova