Berries - strawberry - for health and freshness little face!
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Beautiful, juicy and flavorful strawberries - the first berry of the new season, ripen in our gardens in the early summer .  Even hard to imagine that once people are engaged in cultivation of this wonderful berry and one time in the Middle Ages it was considered "unclean" and harmful, however, quickly changed his mind, and even came to be called "royal" berry .  Indeed, she so addicted to feast and French, and the English royal court .  Meanwhile, wild strawberry, from which there was a strawberry (which we used to call strawberries) - probably one of the first fruits, which people used as a treat at the dawn of its history .  And, although the cultivation of perennial herbaceous plant family Rosaceae people started to engage in fairly recently, but fell in love with these beautiful red berries that came up with a variety of delicious dishes and desserts, drinks, began to use strawberries for medicinal and cosmetic purposes .

And this love for the seductive berries quite reasonable. Besides the divine taste, Strawberry strengthens the immune and cardiovascular system and normalizes metabolism. Numerous scientific studies have proven that the flavor of strawberries contains more than 50 fragrances that can give a person a rush of vivacity and good mood. And only 150 grams of berries quickly neutralize negative emotions.

Strawberry fruits contain various sugars (up to 15%), organic acids (citric with predominance), 0, 8-0, 16% of nitrogen, 0, 8-1, 5% pectin, 1-2, 7% fat, 0, 16 -0, 25% of tannins, alkaloids traces, folic acid, mineral elements (salts of iron, phosphorus, calcium, manganese, cobalt), vitamin P and .  More Strawberries contain a substance in lupeol, which, according to the Hong Kong research scientists, has high anti-tumor activity .  Group of California experts conducted a series of experiments, it was found that strawberries contained a powerful antioxidant fizetin that enhances brain function and improves memory .  Strawberries even added to the diet of astronauts .  According to the research, added to the menu, the astronauts strawberries helps them operate most efficiently in space .  The berries and leaves contain volatile - herbal antibiotics .  Thanks to them, Strawberry has potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect .  Therefore, infusion of leaves of wild strawberry or strawberry useful gargle with angina, inflammatory colds .  And, here, in Japan, strawberries, along with a rose is a symbol of love, and, as it turned out, not without reason .  The small seeds contain large amounts of zinc, which is famous as an important element in the revival of sensual desire .

Strawberry Cosmetics

The strawberry contains large amounts of copper, stimulating the production of collagen (the substance makes the skin soft and elastic). Therefore, all kinds of strawberry masks, lotions, creams with added strawberries are beneficial to the skin.

It is well known strawberry facial mask of mashed strawberries, after which the skin just in front of younger and bleached.

Lotion strawberry cucumber

A quarter cup of strawberry juice, a quarter cup of cucumber juice, 0, 5 g of salicylic acid and a glass of dry white wine. If this lotion daily, morning and evening, wipe the face, even more faded skin gradually becomes supple, soft and fresh.

Strawberry Lotion for oily skin

30 berries pour a half cup of boiling water, cover and insist two to three hours. Then strain, add 1 g melkonatertogo soap, 3 teaspoons of glycerin and 5 g of benzoic acid.

Masks based on strawberry

A mask of grated cheese and strawberries (the rate of 1: 1). should be used to refresh, rejuvenate and whitening face. Instead of cheese you can take the milk or cream. In care your skin will respond lovely pink shade and freshness. After 20 minutes, remove the mask with a cotton swab dipped in cool milk. It works best on dry, chapped skin.

For very dry skin mask has a great effect of two strawberries, a few raspberries, one egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey.

Masks of pulverized strawberries, a teaspoon of sour cream and one teaspoon of honey, according to the beauticians, you can slow down aging of the skin. Very useful for the freshness of the skin of the strawberry juice ice cubes and cook the whole season, every morning and evening to wipe these cubes neck, face and chest, and in the morning after washing them gently massage the skin around the eyes.

Strawberry for the slim figure

 Berries - strawberry - for health and freshness little face!
 This season of garden strawberry will start soon - do not waste time. After all, juicy ripe berries, smelling the sun in the summer, not only tasty, but also useful. Strawberry has many medicinal properties, and based on it, you can make the summer diet, which in the past month, among other things, will help to give up a couple of extra kilos.

The main condition of strawberry "diet" - eat every day not less than 0, 5 kg of fresh berries. Weight will gradually decrease through increased metabolism, excretion of excess fluid and stimulating the digestive system.

For breakfast you can prepare a fruit salad - 250 g strawberries washed, cut. Half of the apple wash, remove seeds, cut into cubes. Half a banana peel and cut into slices. Fruits mixed with 50 g of natural yoghurt (1, 5% fat) and 1 tsp. Honey.

Useful and beauty recipe from the French ladies: 300-500 grams of strawberries instead of dinner - and you provided a sweet dream, beautiful skin, as well as getting rid of excess weight.

All that is written above, only applies to fresh summer, fragrant, firm strawberries, but not imported, stuffed with preservatives and chemicals, for the safety of treated inert gases. We are waiting for the seasonal berries - and it will bring pleasure of taste, will benefit the health and appearance!

And one more tip: try to wash the strawberries do not water, and white dry wine (Spaniards claim that it does not destroy the taste and aroma of berries, as does plain water), and do not rush to pre-snap off tails, as in the opened holes produced by a special enzyme, which kills vitamin C.
Author: Olga Travleeva