Magic sponge
 In the store you can buy loofah useful for health and beauty. It is made of loofah - ecologically pure product, sisal and cotton. Sponge has a healing effect on the skin, removes cellulite, improves circulation, tones and rejuvenates the skin.

But probably few know that a loofah can grow on their own, for example, in the country. And with the help of loofah make skin beautiful and young.

Luffa, Luffy - Luffa   - Annual herb, vegetable plant of the gourd family. Often it is called Mochalny pumpkin.

Loofah - vine, and its stems - the whip, which can reach 5-6 meters in length. Loofah have large leaves, pubescent soft hairs.

Flowers large, yellow, women's singles, men gathered with a brush of 2-3 flowers. Loofah blooms in July and bloom until September, attracting a large number of their flowers the bees, bumblebees and other insects that pollinate the plant.

 Magic sponge
   Fruits loofah can reach a length of 50-60 cm and weight of 2-3 kg. As the weight of ripening fruit is reduced.

There are several types loofah, but two of them are cultivated - a cylindrical luffa - Luffa cylindrica, luffa and sharp-toothed - Luffa acutangula. The other species of loofah fruits are small, that are not of interest.

Homeland loofah humid tropics Oceania, India, Africa. Outdoors loofah ripen in the south of Russia and Ukraine. In Central Russia, they are grown, usually in the greenhouse seedling method.

Vacationers sow loofah in individual cups, filled with loose fertile soil.
Loofah loves the heat, so it shoots appear after one or two weeks at a temperature of 28 - 30 C. To achieve this temperature, poured cups with seeds, cover with plastic wrap and place near the battery. Once the shoots appear, rearrange the cups on a well sunlit windowsill. Seedlings grow at a temperature of 22 C.

After the appearance of 5-6 leaves from the plants begin to grow a mustache. When transplanted into the ground loofah or greenhouse to establish her support. It can be stretched with pegs ropes, mesh, netting, trellis. Outdoors loofah carries nighttime temperatures up to + 15C. If the climate requires cooling overnight, the loofah should be grown in a greenhouse, the villa.

Lyufe need a good watering, drying out the soil should not be allowed. Plants are fed mineral complex fertilizers once in two weeks. Suitable solution of urea and 20 g. 8-10 liters.

Immature fruits of luffa can be used in food as a cucumber, for example, added to salads. Grass Roots and loofah in many Asian countries are used to prepare drugs for various diseases. Especially good preparations of loofah stop internal bleeding.

 Magic sponge
And when loofah appears skeleton, she is ready to become a washcloth. For quality sponges harvested ripe fruit loofah. If they do not have time to keep up, they collect green and finally dried in a warm room, for example, in the kitchen. And dried for several weeks.

Then them within 5-7 days soaked in water to loosen the skins, after which it and the inner peel from the pulp fibers purified stiff brush. Then washed with soapy water, rinsed well and dried. For the convenience of loofah sheathe cloth and make a handle.

This excellent cleansers and exfoliation for the whole body, it completely cleans the skin from epithelium of the particles. Additionally, if you wash loofah massage muscles of the body takes place.

From the leaves loofah can make a moisturizing mask on efficiency is not inferior cucumber.

- Mask
The leaves are crushed, add a little honey and a little olive oil and put on face for 10 minutes, wash off with warm water and wipe face with a piece of ice.

- Lotion
From immature stalks loofah squeeze the juice and use it, as well as cucumber lotion. Biologically active substances contained in the juice, moisturize, tone and rejuvenate the skin.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva